Saturday, October 25, 2014

Awesome preschool curriculum

I have been working on preschool activities with Destructo on a regular basis.  He isn't in preschool because with me not working we just can't afford it.  So I am doing home school preschool.  I scour the internet regularly for ideas and am working on a letter of the week.  (Which ends up being letter of the weeks since I have had trouble doing as much since Owl came along.)  

I stumbled upon this curriculum during one of these internet searches and it is awesome.  Destructo is obsessed with anything with wheels and so this one was right up his alley.  It is called the Zoomin Moving Alphabet and features different vehicles for each letter.  This week is D is for dump truck.  It is free to print and does letters, numbers, cutting practice, writing practice, opposites, colors, etc.  I love them as they are the first curriculum I have found that really holds Destructo's interest.  He loves to "drive" the trucks to the construction site which is encouraging him to work on his fine motor skills (and since he is behind in this I love it even more.)

Check it out over at Royal Baloo.  

Friday, October 24, 2014

Six month Old Ollie

Weight-- 16 lbs

Height-- 26.5 inches

Medical Issues--  Same old reflux and food sensitivities although they both seem to be getting better slowly but surely.  He had roseola last week.  That wasn't fun.  He also seems to be teething which also sucks.

Sleep-- Bwahahahahahahaha you notice the two week lapse between my last post and this one.  Yeah that is a direct result of Owl's sleep patterns.  They suck.  He goes down easy on his own around 8.  He sleeps well until 11ish.  You know just about the time I finally go to bed after Destructo fighting sleep for hours.  Then he wakes up and refuses to go back to sleep without eating.  Not just comfort nursing either.  He full on eats.  Then he goes easily back to sleep.  And wakes up around 1 to 2 AM and demands to eat again.  If I feed him, he goes right back to sleep.  If I refuse, he plays in his crib while whining and fussing long enough to keep me awake.  I eventually feed him out of exhaustion and then he goes to sleep.  He wakes again around four unless it is already four.  Then from 4-8 he sleeps great.  Any of my lovely readers have any suggestions?  I am not totally against cry it out but prefer him to be closer to a year.
He doesn't want to be a leaf and I don't want to wake up a million times a night

My poor roseola stricken boy
Cutest pumpkin in the pumpkin patch

Clothes Size-- 6-9 months or 9 month stuff mainly although you fit in 12 month pretty well at the end of the month.

Diapers size-- He has moved up to the second snap rise setting on all but the biggest of his cloth diapers. I also am starting to double stuff his diapers as I stuff new ones.   In disposables, he is in a size three but we are going to be moving him up to a four next time I order diapers due to blow outs.

Diet-- All the boob milk and Zantac in the world.  He is eating solids really well and thus far he eats everything we let him try.  We are doing baby led weaning but taking it slower than we did with Destructo because of his food sensitivities to something I am eating.  So far so good.  He likes fruits and most veggies and chicken.  He is just eh on avocado but loves guacamole.  Only thing he hasn't liked thus far is eggs.

Baby Gear I Love-- 
Playskool Busy Poppin' Pals Toy
  Musical Toys MP-200 8-Inch Mini Rainmaker Shaker
  Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Milestones-- He is actually tolerating tummy time more and pushing up on his arms.  He can even inch worm a bit to reach for toys.  His fine motor skills are crazy good.  I have got to get this house cleaned up and more baby proofed soon.

Likes/Dislikes--  He likes eating, waking me up, his brother, father, and any chewy teething toys.  He dislikes waiting to eat, me sleeping, and his daddy's whiskers.

Things I Don't want to Forget--  How Oliver gets so angry when things don't fit in his mouth.  How he adores his big brother and no matter how crazy Destructo acts it cracks him up.  How much of a momma's boy Oliver is.  I don't want to forget how Ollie likes to hold onto my amber necklace while he nurses.  It is so sad how fast this first year is flying by.  My last baby is growing up way too quickly.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Favorite 0-6 Month Toys Ollie Edition

I published this post way back when about Captain Destructo's favorite toys from birth to six months. It was interesting to look back and see which toys Oliver likes and which ones he doesn't.  So I decided to do a second post about his favorite toys and include new ones just to give readers more ideas of toys in case anyone is getting ideas from my blog.
Poor Sophie had to be humanely euthanized after he ate a hole in her neck

Sophie giraffe is a huge favorite of Owl's.  He likes it far more than Destructo did.  In fact, he likes it so much he gnawed a hole in it's neck and I had to buy Sophie the giraffe version 2.0.  I also found that he really likes this Sophie teether.  I actually lucked out and got this in a value pack with my replacement Sophie giraffe.  It is vanilla scented and he loves it.  

Destructo loved balls of all types.  The only ball Owl really likes is the  Oball Rattle.  But even that is just tolerated.  He gets furious that he can't get it into his mouth.  Any toy that he can't fit in his mouth is not a toy he makes a favorite.  He throws the funniest little baby temper tantrums about not being able to fit things into his mouth.  Temper temper I tell ya.

Ollie really like his play mat, exersaucer, and bouncy seat when he was four months and under just like Kai did (you can see which ones I had in my original post if you want recommendations.)  He also liked the rainmaker tube and B. One Two Squeeze Blocks that Kai liked.

So what toys does he enjoy that Kai didn't?  Anything that is rubbery and chewable.  He is a chewer mouther type of kid.

 All three of these are very high in Owl's book.  You can click any of them if you want to find out more about them.  Such strange looking teethers.

Owllie also really likes wooden teething toys.  He chews all over this fish toy that he stole from his cousin.  I want to get him a few more wooden teething toys for Christmas.

So there you have it.  Officer Owl's favorite ways to pass the time other than laughing hysterically at everything that his big brother says or does.  What toys are or were your baby's favorites at that age?

Oh but how could I forget to mention that Ollie's very favorite possession of all is his monster taggie security blanket.  This never leaves his side and he refuses to sleep without it.

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