Friday, June 29, 2012

Blueberry pancakes and yard sales

I woke up in a mood to cook breakfast.  This happens about once a year so I figured I would go all out.  I normally hate hate hate cooking breakfast.  I decided that we would have blueberry pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  Super crunchy delicious bacon that I promptly begged my hubby to cook since I fail at cooking good bacon.

I quickly remembered why I don't cook pancakes or eggs as well.  I don't like cooking breakfast because it destroys the kitchen and then you have that to look forward to cleaning.  And Destructo hates my eggs.  He will eat other people eggs, but not mine.  What gives kid?  But the high part of it is that even though he didn't want my eggs, he at least tried a bite when I asked him to.  Huge win in this part of the woods.
Destructo's reaction to being told we don't put our feet on the table

I was going to go to the farmers market and got Kai all dressed and ready to go.  Then it occurred to me that farmers markets sell veggies and we have a ton of veggies right now.  Darn we will have to wait until next week.  Destructo didn't take the news that we weren't going bye bye very well.  So we decided that even though it was 98 degrees out and felt like 101, we would go to some yard sales.

But it all turned out well in the end since we got two new toys for Kai that I have wanted to get him for awhile.  He loves to color with pens that no matter where I put them, he finds.  I wanted to get a Fisher-Price Doodle Pro so when I have to take away the pen, I can give him this to draw on.  He loves it!  I also found a Thomas the Train where you push the train conductor down and it rolls forward.  I  have a that my aunt saved from my little cousin.  She is going to let Kai have it once he is big enough for it.  He loves trains so much right now.  Going to Aldi's for groceries is the highlight of his day because we almost always see a train while we are there.  I got both of these for only three bucks.

Finally, Destructo thought up a fun new game.  It is called boom and involves him kicking the crap out of me as hard as he can while I change his diaper and then laughing hysterically while screaming boooooommmmm.  I really enjoy it let me tell you insert sarcastic eye roll here.  What games do your little ones play that are so annoying, but oh so cute all at the same time?

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