Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cloth diaper review-- Bumgenius 4.0

My second favorite diaper is the Bumgenius 4.0.  This is my go to diaper for nighttime use since I can customize the absorbancy to suit my son.  This is a one size pocket diaper and should fit Kai until potty training. 

Pictures from Kelly's Closet
These diapers come in either velcro or snaps.  It is a waterproof PLU shell with a microfiber lining (that is stay dry which is an added bonus for nighttime.)  It comes with a full size insert and a smaller doubler.  It comes in a variety of colors and designs with my current favorite being Albert which has all different equations on it and say I am a bumgenius.  Perfect for a science dork like me.
Photo from Kelly's Closet

At night, I stuff the diaper with a Joey bunz hemp insert behind the microfiber.  The reasoning for this is that microfiber is a quick absorbing material and that hemp can hold a lot of moisture.  I have had very good luck with this system until recently.  I think I am needing to replace my leg elastics though as they aren't as tight as they should be.  Bumgenius makes a refresher kit for this with elastics for the legs and back and replacement velcro tabs and also laundry tabs. 

Overall, I really like this diaper.  I will say though as Destructo has gotten into toddler hood, I have had some ammonia problems, especially in diapers he wears overnight.  Microfiber is notorious for this, especially in hard water so I am slowly moving away from the microfiber inserts and trying to use hemp or organic cotton inserts as finances allow.

And finally, here is my very own Captain Destructo modeling some of his Bumgenius 4.0's.

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