Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cloth diaper review Grovia style

Destructo is wearing a kiwi Grovia with snaps
What better diaper to do my first review on than my absolute favorite kind, the Grovia.  This diaper is a hybrid system which just means you can use the snap in soakers or you can use disposable, biodegradable inserts. The snap in soakers are made of either organic cotton (my favorite) or a stay dry soaker made of  hemp/cotton blend topped with a microfleece layer .  Both soakers contain a TPU backing with leg gussets to help contain the poop.
Pictures from Kelly's Closet

When the diapers are just wet, you can reuse the cover which makes for less diaper laundry.  I have had no ammonia buildup problems with these since they are made with organic cotton.  They are also very absorbent, especially when you pair the soaker with a doubler stuck behind the top layer.  The designs are adorable.  Currently, they are robots, bicycles, peacock, and woodland and solid colors.  But I have last years designs of owls and a country theme and love them.  Finally, these diapers are one-size meaning they will fit from 10ish pounds to 35-40 pounds.  They come in snaps and velcro.

Pictures from Kelly's Closet
Finally, if you are in the market for a disposable (but more eco-friendly) option, the shells can be used with the Grovia biosoakers.  They are fragrance, dye, and chlorine free and are compostable as well.  I have used them when we are traveling and I liked them.  They aren't quite as absorbent as I would like, but overall do the job well.  I have even used them overnight.  The one downfall is that they can bunch in the middle which has caused a leak or two.

With all this said, I highly recommend this diapering system.  They are slightly more expensive since you have to buy soakers and shells, but not by that much since you can reuse shells.  The only times I have had problems with leaks was when Destructo first started crawling and the soaker would bunch in the middle causing leg leaks.  But once he was out of that awkward army crawling stage that problem went away.  With the doubler, I can run errands for hours without leaks.  I don't use these overnight as he is quite the heavy wetter.  But in my book the biggest perk to the Grovia is the ease of use.  You just snap two snaps and the diaper is ready to go, no stuffing pockets.

Check out all the shell designs and other Grovia products at Kelly's Closet or Sweetbottoms Baby.

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  1. So happy to come upon your blog! I'm planning on TTC here in the next few months, and have already decided on CDing. I have a small stash begun, and LOVE reading real mom reviews in order to help me figure it all out when a real baby is here :) (they are so stinkin' adorable!)
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog/posts!!! I figure it's a good addiction to have ;)

    1. It is a great (and somewhat costly haha) addiction to have. Stay tuned to the blog. In the next few weeks, I plan on doing reviews on Happy Heinys OS pockets, Swaddlebees One Size Simplex, and Thirsties Duo Diapers.

      If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email. I know how confusing cloth diapering can be at first.


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