Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cloth diapering

I knew I wanted to cloth diaper before I ever even decided to have a baby. I am a researcher by nature and years before Kai was even a thought had been researching the best types of cloth diapers for our family and the ways to care for them. I knew it would have to be nearly as convenient as disposables since I work full time. Pocket diapers seemed to fit the bill.

There are many different trial packages one could try, but I went about it a different way. I bought one or two of the most popular pocket diapers tried them out and saw first hand which ones I preferred.  In future posts I will review the different types of diapers I have used and include pictures.  Long story short, I most prefer Grovias with the organic cotton soakers and Bumgenius 4.0's with velcro for nighttime use.

But to start at the beginning, what are the advantages of cloth diapering?  First and foremost in my eyes is the money savings.  I went with one of the more expensive styles of diapers and my stash probably cost around 700 total.  I sold the diapers that I didn't like and made 200 of it back.  After calculating how much disposable diapers would cost for a year, I realized that after the first year the diapers would pay for themselves .

My second reason for using cloth diapers was the health benefits for the baby.  Disposable diapers are made with many chemicals that I wasn't comfortable putting next to my baby's delicate skin.  Chlorine being one of them.

Third was a purely vane reason in that they are adorably cute.  I mean fire trucks chasing little flames?  What could be cuter than that.  The above picture is actually a picture of Destructo in his very first cloth diaper fluffy butt.
Destructo wearing  a Lil Joey

There are varied other reasons that go with cloth diapering as well.  They don't take up space in landfills as disposable diapers do.  They are cooler than sposies.  There is no nasty diaper pail smell since you flush any solids right away.  Cloth diapered children tend to potty train earlier.  All in all, the benefits far outweigh any inconvenience people might complain about.

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