Thursday, June 21, 2012

Destructo had a busy day yesterday

While I was at work, Destructo decided to accidentally drop my laptop in the floor (luckily the Boppy caught it) when he got tangled in the power cord while trying to get his balloon.  It dislodged (insert technical computer part here) which caused it to stop working.

He then managed to dump the entire bowl of dog water.  Then he was playing with a can of cherry coke and before my mom realized and got it from him, he dropped it and caused a hole in it.  Cherry coke was spraying everywhere.  Mom says she heard him saying ohhhh, ohhhh and trying his best to cover the hole with his hands to stop the spray of cherry coke.

Well done Destructo, well done.  After all that mess, my mom ended up mopping my floors to get it all up.  Score!

Oh and in other news, Destructo said his first sentence two days ago.  Sam was walking ahead of us carrying Kai's balloon and Kai pointed and said Dada baoooon.  I almost died from the cuteness.