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Types of Cloth Diapers

When I first decided that I was going to cloth diaper, I researched the heck out of all the different types of cloth diapers.  There are 5 different systems of cloth diapers.  The decision was easy to me because I knew I was going back to work full time and Destructo would have numerous caregivers.  So the diapers I picked had to be easy and very similar to disposables.  Other than ease of use, price and how much maintenance (washing, stuffing pocket, etc) played into the equation.

So here is an overview of the five different types of cloth diapering systems.

1)  All-in-ones.  The pros to this type of diaper is that it is what the title says all-in-one.  It is a waterproof shell with layers of absorbent material sewn right into the diaper.  So it is basically a reusable disposable diaper in function.

The cons to all-in-ones are price.  These are the priciest of any diaper option.  Drying time is also a con as they take a considerable amount of time to dry since it is numerous layers.  The other slight downfall is that it is hardest to customize these for extra absorbency.

 Examples of this diaper are the:  Bumgenius Elemental, Grovia All-in-One, and the Bottombumpers All in One.

2)  Pockets.  This type of diaper is a waterproof shell with a cloth layer sewn onto the shell with a pocket.  You stuff absorbable inserts into the pocket.  Pros to this diaper style are that they are basically a reusable disposable diaper (regarding how they go on the baby.)  They are less expensive than the All-in-ones.  You can customize the absorbency depending on what size/type of inserts you stuff into the pocket.  These also are very quick drying diapers since you dry them in their separate components (shell and insert/s.)

The cons to this style are that they take time to stuff the diaper.  (And trust me when it is ten o clock and you have to work the next day, sitting up stuffing diapers sucks.  But with that said, this is one of my two preferred diapers.)

Examples of this diaper are:  Bumgenius 4.0's, Kawaii's, and Rumparooz.

3)  All-in-twos/hybrid diapers    Pros to this type of diaper are that they typically have waterproof outer shell with a lay in or snap in absorbent soaker that you can change out reusing the shell if it is just a wet diaper.  The hybrid part is that these diapers also have an ecofriendl(ier) biodegradable disposable insert if this is the route you prefer.  I really like these when traveling where washing my regular cloth isn't really an option. 

Cons-- They are more expensive than regular pockets.    In my experience, the soakers take longer than pockets and pocket inserts to dry.  I have also not found these to be great for overnight diapers. 

Examples of this type of diaper are:  Grovia hybrid, Flip, and g-diapers.

4)  Fitted diapers  This type of diaper is paired with a waterproof cover.  Pros to it is that it is one of the more affordable methods to cloth diaper and also one of the most leak proof.   It is shaped like a disposable and is easy to use and the covers can be reused unless soiled.  

Cons to this type are it is a two step diaper process so if you have a wiggly baby it is like torturing yourself twice.  (I do good to get a diaper on my son once.)

Examples of this type of diaper are:  Itti Bitti fitted, Blueberry fitted, and Kissaluvs Marvels.

5) The final type of diapering system is truly those of our grandparents era. You use a flat/prefold and fold it onto the baby and secure it with a pin/snappi.  You then put a waterproof diaper cover over it.   Flats and prefolds are very economical.  You lay the flat/prefold in a diaper shell or fold it around the baby.  They hold up very well from birth to potty training and you can get them in a variety of materials.

Cons are that to me they were downright scary.  I could not seem to get folding down (although my hubby fared better.) 

Examples of this type are:  Econobums prefolds, Hemp Babies flats, and Kawaiis prefolds.

All of these diapers (and many more) can be found at: Kelly's Closet or Sweetbottoms Baby.  Check those sites out if you are interested in ordering them.  They constantly feature promos like free diapers and reward points that you can trade in for gift certificates.

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  1. I honestly think my favorites are prefolds. The folding is a little scary, but honestly? So easy on laundry and storage. No stuffing. No running them through the dryer a gajillion times, like the all-in-ones. And super cheap. My husband and my mom can both do the folding no problem, too, so I don't have to worry about family not getting it. I still have to do pockets for daycare though. Boo.

    Anywho: following you via the Change Diapers cloth blog hop. Great blog!

    1. Awesome! You are my first follower. Yay! The blog is a work in progress so hang in there as I get the hang of this blogging. Thanks for following.

  2. Your post would be so beneficial to a newbie or someone looking to try a different kind of cloth. I cd both of mine & loved using trifolds with covers & then AIO organic w snap closures. I found the AIOs to be the easiest to leave with others... (visiting from Tuesday baby)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I prestuff my pockets and that is what I leave with everyone else so they can use it just like a disposable diaper.

  3. I'm a pocket nappy, Fuzzibunz in particular, devotee ;) Ive tried a couple of other types and brands b these have met my needs the best, so Ive stuck with them. Luckily there are so many different options out there, moms are always bound to find a cloth nappy to suit their needs :)

    Thanks for linking up with the Tuesday Baby Link-Up! :)

    1. Yep I can't imagine not finding what you like need when there are so very many diapering systems out there. I really like all in ones, but they are so expensive so I settled in with pockets.

  4. I'm sure this post will be so helpful to so many mamas out there. It was so overwhelming to choose cloth diapers when I was first learning about them. We mostly wound up with AIOs.

    Thanks for linking up with The Tuesday Baby Link Up!

    1. I know. I just remember reading everything I could find on cloth diapers and agonizing over the fact that what if I hated what I bought and was out that much money.

  5. P.S. I'll be featuring this post tomorrow!


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