Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday-- If I Could Turn Back Time

I would go back even if just for one afternoon to have one more break neck gallop through a field on my beautiful Arabian mare, Ellie.  What I wouldn't give to feel her knotted up mane under my fingers or smell her horsey strawberry conditioner smell.  I would love to scratch her soft chin and feed her as many cookies as she could eat.  I can still feel her breath on my hand on the cold winter mornings when I trudged down to feed her and make sure she had unfrozen water.

I would love to see her galloping around her field always chasing the boys.  To hear the squeak of the saddle under us as we jog down a trail would be music to my ears.  I would give anything to be able to cry in the corner of her stall on the rough days when it feels like the whole world is against me.  I would even take getting bucked off her back when she is having a feisty day if it would bring her back to me.

Okay I guess this is a word full Wednesday post after all.  I should have known I couldn't just post a picture of Smelly Ellie without words.  She was the greatest horse I could ever imagine owning and I can only hope that my future horse is half as amazing as she was (and that I am fortunate enough to own a horse again.)  She taught me everything I know about riding and in a hurry since you had to learn how to be a good rider to stay on her back long.  She was truly my first child and I will miss her until the day I die. 

Always a trouble maker she was trying to run out the gate as I opened it

Top Ten Tips for Cloth Diapering

As you all know, I have a love affair with my cloth diapers.  My poor child has to go half dressed all the time just so I can ohh and ahh over all the cute designs I have collected.  I finally counted all my diapers up the other day since they were all clean.  (Destructo had a poopy diaper after I laid him down the other night and by morning his little bootie was awful.  I felt horrible.)  I have 35 diapers.  But I must have all the diapers......

Anyways, here are my top ten tips for cloth diapering
1)  When you think you have the diaper on tight enough, put it tighter.  When I first started using cloth diapers, I would think I had it on tight enough only to get leg leaks.  I was so afraid of the dreaded red marks on his legs that I wasn't tightening it enough.  You want a nice fit with no little gaps at the back, stomach, or legs.

2)  When it comes to detergent and washing your cloth diapers, less is more.  Too much detergent will result in buildup which can result in ammonia or other stink problems.  I actually use less than the recommended amount and this seems to work well for me although you need to play around with it to figure out a routine that works for you.  Here is a post about prepping diapers and my wash routine.

3)  The same does not hold true for water.  More is better in water terms.  You want to wash your diapers on the largest load setting possible.  Lots of water and agitation are what gets your diapers clean.  I don't have a front loader or HE machine, but I have heard to add wet towels to the cycle to trick the machine into adding more water. 

4)  The sun is your best friend.  Instead of drying them in a dryer, throw them outside in the sun.  If it is hot out, they dry quickly.  You also get the added benefit of the sun killing bacteria, yeast spores, and getting rid of stains on the inner part of your diapers.   Here is a post about beating yeast.

5)  When you are first starting out, either buy a diaper trial or buy an assortment of different diapers to try.  You don't know what you will like until you try them.  I found that an all in two system is by far the favorite in our house, although the family members that babysit Kai while I work prefers pocket diapers.

6)  A diaper sprayer makes life a billion times easier.  I love being able to spray the poop diapers off since Destructo does not have ploppable poop as I have read some babies have by this age. See this post here for my favorite cloth diapering accessories.

7)  Find a cloth diaper store that has rewards points that you can redeem for gift certificates.  I have already redeemed a few at Kelly's Closet and have a 30 dollar certificate saved up right now.  You can check out the link on the sidebar if you want more info on their rewards program.

8)  Cloth diapers can be a learning experience for you child.  For instance, we point out the different animals on Kai's zoo diaper and do the baby signs for them.  We are also working on colors when I change him since I always ask him what color the diaper I am about to put on is and then tell him if he doesn't answer.  So far he knows "booo."

9)  I really like RLR for stripping diapers.  I have done it with hot water and with blue Dawn and loved RLR the best.  This could be because I am lazy and it required less rinsing than the other two methods.  Either way, it is what I prefer.   See my post here for detailed instructions on stripping with RLR.

10)  Leave your wet bag open to let air circulate and rinse all diapers (even just wet ones) before putting them in the bag.  Since I hit the dreaded toddler pee filled with ammonia stage, this has really helped with my ammonia buildup problems. 

I hope these tips and tricks might help you out as you start out cloth diapering.  It has been a fun journey for me and I have made some friends solely because of cloth diapering.  It really gives you something to talk about anytime someone sees your child's diaper.  I have struck up cloth diapering conversations in the strangest of locations, Sam's Club, church, the pediatrician's office, restaurants.  But then again, I do like to talk.  :)

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Consignment sales rock my socks

I went to the local consignment sale on my way home from work.  You know while I have my slaves errr my family watching Kai so I don't have to attempt to wrangle him and shop.  I am trying to stock up on 24 month and 2T clothes now before he needs them.  And this is the time of year to do it with all the consignment sales.

If you haven't already checked out your local consignment sales, I can't recommend it enough.  They typically have one in the fall and one in the spring and only carry those types of clothes.  They also have toys, baby necessities (swings, high chairs, pack n play, etc.), some maternity clothes, shoes, and even Halloween costumes.  Here are two links that lists local consignment sales by states: http://www.kidsconsignmentsales.com/seasonalsales.htm


Some tips I have for shopping a consignment sales are:  1)  Be prepared to wait in long lines when checking out.
2)  Try to go on the first day they open.  This is common sense, but honestly things get bought fast.  I always miss the things I really want.  Most sales let you volunteer to work them and/or consign your kids things to shop the presales that aren't open to the public.
3)  If you are a new mom, find out about new moms presales.
4)  See if your local sale has a half price day.  Typically you won't get any big items this way, but clothes can be a great deal.  I typically go the first day and buy things that I am positive I want (assuming I feel it is worth the price the consignor is asking.)  Then I go back as soon as the sale opens on half price day and see if any of the clothes that I wanted, but were higher than I wanted to pay are still there.
5)  It is much easier to shop without your kids.  (And some sales don't want kids there so check that out before you go.)
6)  Go here to check out sizing charts for many different popular kids clothing brands.  I found this just today after I had already published this post, but it was worth editing to share it.

And without further ado, here is what I scored today for a grand total of 36 dollars.
Brown sonoma jacket $3; green Circo jacket 2.50
Red plaid Carters outfit 5; horsie overalls 8 (I spent way too much on this particular outfit, but I wanted it when I saw it at Cracker Barrel for nearly 40 so I had to get it.)
Childrens Place sweater vest/shirt 5; Santa  Gap shirt 1.50; Carter gray jeans 2; and brown Garanimals sweatshirt 1

Children's Place PJ's 2; Feed me Circo shirt and random jeans 3
Rainmaker tube 2; Thomas DVD 2; Elmo DVD $1
Overall, I am quite happy with my buys today.  Destructo is a bit old for the rainmaker tube, but I really wanted one when he was young and I figure the price was right and I can hold on to it for future kiddos.  I thought he would like the Thomas movie, but he could care less.  He would rather destroy my house and my baby gate.  Glares at son.  Oh yeah he climbed on the baby gate and now it is cracking.  Grr.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Project of the weekend-- Sensory Bottles

When I worked at the daycare, the kids used to love when we would make them sensory bottles.  There are all different types you can make depending on age and skill level.  A few ideas I plan on using as Kai gets older are a hide and seek bottle where you put certain objects and they have to find them, a letters one where you put the foam letters in oil and they can shake the bottle and identify certain letters, a different sounds bottle set where you put rice, beans, etc in the bottles and put them in a sock and they have to guess what it is by the sound it makes, and nails in a bottle with a bit of water to watch rust form.  As he gets older, I will make more bottles and update you guys.

Right now he is to young for those ideas, but I did make him a waves bottle.  You put half water with food coloring and I put glitter just to make it pretty and half corn or vegetable oil.  When you shake it, it looks like waves.
He has a color mixing bottle.  I put a small amount of shaving cream in the bottom of the bottle with water to fill it and a few drops of food coloring.  You can shake it and watch it turn white and swirl around and then the shaving cream slowly rises to the top.
I made a marbles in water bottle.  This one is mostly just for him to shake and make noise with and watch the marbles roll from one end of the bottle to the other.  I had planned to just do marbles in a bottle, but my gosh it was loud.  The water dulls the noise a little bit.
Finally, I made a bubble bottle.  I put a cup of water in it with a squirt of dish soap and a few drops of food coloring.  He can shake it up and watch the bubbles form and then go away as it settles.
Coming up later this week when I have a chance to go to a crafts store are a bottle with the craft bells in it so he can shake it and make noise and a rain fall bottle.  You put a bunch of toothpicks in a bottle with dry rice and the rice trickles down through the toothpicks and sounds like rain.  I will update this post with those pics once I get them made.  I might also make a mud and water bottle to let him watch the sediment settle to the bottom of the bottle and the water go to the top. 

I also plan on doing a beach theme bottle in October when we go to Destin.  I am going to put sand and seashells in it and let him roll it around and discover the seashells.  Plus it will be a handy souvenir from our trip.  Come fall I plan on a fall leaves bottle as well.

A few final tips:  I would recommend Gatorade bottles.  We used coke bottles and water bottles as well at the daycare and I had more leaks with them if the kids dropped them too often.  I think the Gatorade bottles are just thicker plastic.

I also glued the tops on with Elmers school glue.  I plan to hot glue them at some point when I borrow my mom's hot glue gun.  All we did at the daycare was school glue with no problem.  LOL But since it is my living room, I want to be extra safe.

Let me know what great ideas for sensory bottles you guys come up with.

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Pro-Breastfeeding Post from The Alpha Parent

While perusing my blogs I normally follow, I came across this post on The Alpha Parent.  I really liked how it talks about how choosing not to breastfeed is going against what nature and God has put in place for us.  And how breastfeeding isn't a choice since it is the next logical step in pregnancy, child birth, and feeding that child.
Check it out and let me know your opinions on it.

Aloha Blog Hop take Two

Aloha Friday Blog Hop 

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Remember when shopping used to be fun?

Shopping with my very mobile, very active nearly 15 month old is a lesson in patience.  He will not sit in a stroller for more than about five seconds anymore.  By gosh, he might miss some opportunity to drive momma crazy.  No, he would rather walk and by walk, I mean run.  And by run, I mean run the opposite direction I am going.

We went to return some shoes that Mr. Destructo ordered and got and lo and behold, they were the wrong shoes.  I decided to check out the clearance racks in Carters outlet store since I like to buy next years wardrobe this time of year because it is on mega clearance and who really cares if he is wearing last seasons fashions?

Hubby went to look in another store leaving me and Destructo.  No big deal.  First thing that happened was Destructo fell in love with a fire engine shirt.  Awesome.  It is 5.99 and is a short sleeve t-shirt, short sleeve onesie, and pair of pants in 18 months so it should work come fall.  Sure Destructo we can get that.  He sits down with his beloved shirt and starts making zooming truck noises.  I am thinking score.  Maybe he will just sit here nicely while I finish going through this rack.

Fast forward one minute and he has decided he wants a drink.  I hand him his sippie.  He takes a drink and then rolls the sippie across the floor under a rack.  I go to grab it, but he takes off and rolls under the rack with it.  I drag both of them out and try to distract him with a stuffed teddy bear that is also on clearance.  He then decided he wants to climb into the stand up types of racks and before I can grab  him he falls over backwards (because of the bars on the bottom that he didn't take into consideration.)  This is hilarious to him and he tries to do it again.

By this point, he has people staring since he is pulling clothes off the rack in the process and nearly hitting his big old head each time, so I decide to try to shop standing up and holding him.  I manage to find one pair of jeggings (which were my favorite pair of clothing for him last year since they are comfy and look like jeans) and a short sleeve onesie for 5.99.  While trying to hold him, two hangers of clothes, and his sippy cup he decides to start freaking out exorcist style.  I set him down and he managed to knock about half a row of Melissa and Doug toys off the stand.  Thankfully at this point Mr. Destructo showed back up and took him, but I was so tired of wrangling him,  I gave up and decided he can go naked next year.  Who needs clothes anyways?

So what are you guys best suggestions for shopping with child in tow?  My hubby will be out of town for a week and of course it is when two of the big consignment sales are?  I am going to bring the stroller and snacks next time to try to amuse him longer.  Will I ever be able to shop again?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Extended rear facing/ five point harness

I knew I was going to keep any child I had rear facing and in a five point harness as long as I could before I was even pregnant.  One day while searching the internets, I came across this site http://www.kyledavidmiller.org/.  Watching that video solidified my desire to have him in a five point harness seat until he goes away to college.  Okay not really, but at least until he hits the weight limit on his seat (80 lbs.) After all, motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for children under the age of 14.

As I researched further, I also decided to have him rear face until at least age two or until he hits the weight limit on his carseat (which is 45 pounds rear facing.)  Now the AAP is getting behind this stance as well and has revised their policy on child safety saying that children should ride rear facing until age two or when they hit the weight limits on their car seat.  If you are interested in reading it, here is the full policy statement from the AAP about child restraint.  My husband likes to argue that we are moving him when he seems uncomfortable.  My reply is when you find some research to prove me wrong let me know and I will consider it then.  The research supports my choice so I am going to win this fight LOL.

This page has a great visual about why children should extended rear face demonstrating the difference in spinal cords/cervical vertebrae between young children and adults. According to the above linked AAP policy, "Infants younger than 2 y have relatively large heads and several structural features of
their neck and spine that place them at particularly high risk of head and spine injuries in motor vehicle crashes."  When you get in a crash, the child's head snaps forward which can result in internal decapitation and death of the child.  If the child is rear facing, they will be thrown into the backseat which keeps their spinal cord from being stretched to the point of rupture.  Watch this video to see the difference in movement forward vs. rear facing in the "child". 
This is another great website that has a ton of information about car seat safety, the benefits of rear facing, and the why's of why it is safer.  http://www.car-safety.org/rearface.html 

As for why you should keep your child in a five point harness until they out grow their seat, the answer is simple.  Why would I not choose to have one extra point of attachment to the car in a horrific wreck?  If they are in a five point harness, they are strapped into the car seat.  The car seat is strapped into the car and usually tethered as well.  If the child is just in a booster and using the car seat belt, it is half the protection.  Again  here is a wonderful site with lots of information.   http://www.kyledavidmiller.org/car-seat-safety-5-point-harness-is-safest.html  Their son died in a car wreck even though he was strapped in with the seat belt using a booster.  Other benefits to using a five point harness long term is it spreads the force of the crash to five points instead of three and it also keep the child from getting out of his seat belt or moving the seat belt so it isn't adjusted properly.

Destructo doesn't mind still rear facing what so ever.  He doesn't know any better honestly.  To him, facing backwards is the norm.  I drive an SUV so it is quite easy to let him rear face since it is a big vehicle.  It is harder in my parents two door vehicle with my Diono Radian RXT, but the Britax Marathon fits well.  No matter what even if it is inconvenient to get him in and out, his safety is worth far more than my convenience.  The thing I wonder about the most is how he is going to act when his friends are in boosters and he is still in a five point harness.  I have decided he can hate me if he wants, but I would rather him hate me alive than give in and have to regret my choice if God forbid something happen to him.

Finally the obligatory picture of Destructo modeling his big boy car seat (not the Diono which we use in our vehicle, but the Marathon which we bought for caregivers to use.)  I do recommend both seats honestly.  I will be doing a review (probably over the weekend) about my product recs for traveling with toddler.

So what are your plans for rear facing and harness use with your children?  Do you plan on going to the limits of your car seat or do you have a designated age?  I am always curious about others decisions and their reasons for it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stay tuned for a sweepstakes!

Check out the Woolzies dryer balls website.  They have sent me a six pack of their wool dryer balls to review and once I am done reviewing them, I will be hosting a sweepstakes.  (It will be in 2-3 weeks so stay tuned!) Yay for my very first sweepstakes!

My Top Ten Parenting Choices Others Criticized

1) Cloth diapering-- I think everyone thought I was crazy to decide to cloth diaper at first. A big reason for this is that when people hear cloth diaper, they picture the old time cloth diapers with plastic covers and diaper pins. They don't realize how far cloth diapering has come since those days. Once they see the pocket or all in one diapers, a lot of people come around to the idea that it would be a great idea to save money and reduce our carbon footprint.

The biggest criticism I still get about cloth diapers is the amount of laundry it requires. It is true that there are a couple extra loads of laundry per week, but it is an hour or less total time (and that is with stuffing all the pockets.) Plus to not have to buy a box of disposables a week and spend all that money on disposables, I will give up that hour willingly. Plus cloth diapers are so cute!

2)  Extended rear facing-- I have decided to keep Destructo rear facing until at least age two.  It truly is the safest way for him to travel at this point.   I will probably just keep him rear facing until he hits the limit on his seat which is 45 pounds rear facing.  I have this car seat, Diono Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat, Shadow, and really like it but more on that in an upcoming post about traveling with baby.  I am going to be doing a blog post about extended rear facing and all the reasons it is important sometime later this week. 

3)  Extended breast feeding--  I have posted about this one before and my reasons for extended breastfeeding (see post here.)  Needless to say I get a lot of flack for still nursing my child at nearly 15 months old.

4)  Baby led weaning--  Again I recently did a post here about my reasons for doing baby led weaning instead of purees.  (See post here.)   I think a lot of people truly thought my child was going to choke to death when I first started this, but it has worked out great.

5)  Low/No Sugar--  I try very hard to keep added sugars out of Destructo's diet.  I am not saying I don't let him have a treat every now and then, but on a daily basis I try to keep the added sugars to a minimum.  I do feed him yogurt every night since it seems to help him sleep better (and that has more sugar than I would like.)  He also gets a small handful of whole wheat graham crackers or animal crackers if he eats his meals well.  Sugars are just "empty" calories that are linked to tooth decay and obesity amount other things.  I would rather satisfy Kai's sweet tooth with a handful of blueberries or strawberries than cookies since he is getting tons of vitamins along with his snack.

6)  No Overnight Visits--  I haven't let Kai stay overnight with the grandparents or his aunts thus far.  A big part of that is breastfeeding since I hate pumping and don't want to have to pump just to let him sleep some where else.  But I also just feel he is too young to be away from his momma over night and if he wakes up scared, I want to be there to comfort him.  I am pretty sure this one drives grandma nuts since she wants to keep him overnight.  Maybe one day.  You know when I have another kid and have to have someone watch him while I am in the hospital.  :)

7)  No TV before one and very limited TV after one--  Most people don't see the damage with letting their young children watch television as long as it isn't all the time.  I did not let Kai watch any TV before one.  Studies show that watching TV before the age of one (and even two) can cause concentrations problems, is linked to obesity, and can lead to less child-parent interaction thereby slowing down language development.  I try to keep him from watching cartoons as a young child's brain isn't developed enough to process the rapid picture changes in cartoon.  I do let him watch Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Baby Einstein sporadically when I need to get something done.  But I keep it to less than a half hour to an hour a day and he isn't that interested anyways.  I prefer to be reading books with him or letting him play independently with his toys.

8)  Learning Toys Only--  I am not saying that Kai doesn't have any noise making, just for fun toys.  But I have a big preference for open ended learning toys (and especially toys not made from plastic.)  A child can do 20 activities with a set of blocks.  They can build castles, pretend cook food, hit the dog with them.  I tend to only get Kai learning toys like blocks, animals, books, puzzles, his wooden tool set, stacking cups, etc.  He has gotten some other toys, but honestly he doesn't much care for the noise making battery operated toys and they are usually given away.  And that suits me just fine since they typically drive me up the wall.

9)  Healthy smash cake for his first birthday--  Everyone felt that I should just let him eat a store bought smash cake loaded with sugar.  I felt I should make him one and that way it at least had some nutritional value to it.  He ended up with an applesauce cake with cream cheese frosting.  Still delicious, but at least not quite as much sugar.

10)  This was not exactly a parenting choice, but a pre-parenting choice?  My decision to attempt a med-free delivery.  I just figured that women's bodies are made to deliver a baby so why should I alter that process.  Everyone told me I was crazy and that was why epidurals were invented.  That being in pain couldn't be better for the baby.  That there was no way I could do it.

In the end, I did end up having to get pitocin and an epidural since I had been in labor for 70 hours and was failing to progress (see birth story here) but by gosh I could have done it if he had been positioned correctly and his little chin wasn't catching.  I do regret having to resort to pitocin and an epi since I feel it was a big contributor to my breastfeeding woes (see post here.)  But on the other hand, I don't regret it because it got my baby boy safely here and I didn't end up needing a C-section.

When it all comes down to it, we make the decisions we feel are best for our children.  The decisions I make, might not be best for your child and vice versa.  I just wish everyone had the same every child is different dust opinion.  There is nothing more anxiety inducing than questioning a new mother's decisions for her child.  Especially since that new mother is already questioning every single decision she has made all by herself.

What decisions have you made that others have criticized?

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Monday, July 23, 2012

We might buy Destructo too many balloons

We have gotten in the habit of getting Destructo a balloon after we leave the local Mexican restaurant since he loves them. I wasn't planning on getting him one last night since he still has one at the house from my mom. We left the restaurant and he kept pointing to the Dollar General store. I am looking around trying to figure out which car, truck, dog, or bird he is pointing at not listening to him babble on. I finally ask him what he was pointing at. He frantically points to the Dollar General again and takes off walking there. I grab his hand and ask him why we need to go there. He looks up at me with this look like Duh Momma and points again and say "Baooon." Yes truly duh momma. How dare I forget to go get his balloon. I never thought he was old enough to put something like Mexican restaurant ='s getting a balloon together. I am in big trouble.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things-- Toddler feeding edition

Since I recently posted about baby led weaning, I figure the next logical post should be one about the things that made practicing baby led weaning easier.  So without further ado, here are some of my favorite toddler feedings items.

The first is my high chair.  Graco DuoDiner 3-in-1 Infant Highchair to Booster Sprout Collection SweetPea.  I really like this high chair because it leans back which was nice when he was still wobbly at sitting, it sits up like a regular high chair, and it doubles as a toddler booster seat.  You just strap it to a dining room chair similar to a space saver high chair and push it up to the kitchen table.  This high chair is also a bright limeish green color that matched my accent wall in my kitchen very well.
Sitting in my high chair/ booster combo

The two brands of sippy cups that I highly recommend are the Playtex the first Sipster cups for when the baby is first learning how to drink.  This cup has two handles and is spill proof.  This was the easiest cup for Kai to drink from and hold early on. 

Now I really like the Playtex straw cup that is insulted.  It keeps his water cold when we are out and about and has a straw which is better to prevent tooth decay than a regular sippy cup.  
Finally in the cup department, I am going to be trying one of these cups as soon as I remember to pick one up.     I have heard from other toddler moms that this cup is a great way to transition them from sippy cup to regular cup since they have to put their lips on it more like they would a regular cup.  I will let you guys know what I think of it once I get one.

These are the two kind of plates I like:
and I also like .  I use the first set more in day to day eating since it is easy to cut things up on those plates and microwave things.  The Sassy plates I use when I have someone watching Destructo and want to make his lunch before I go to work.  They come with two tops that fit over the plate so I can keep it in the fridge.  They are also divided which is nice for fruit to stay separated.

I have a few sets of silverware and they are all fine nothing that just blows my mind.
  I like these for letting Destructo self feed.
I take the Take and Toss with me when I am out just in case they get lost.  They are cheap and I left a fork and spoon at my sisters house and at the grandparents house so I wouldn't have to make sure to bring silverware with us any time we go there.

As for baby spoons, we use these the most:

Another set we have that I didn't care for as much, but were still okay were  I would have liked these a lot more if we had done purees  a lot since they were my favorites at the daycare I worked at for feeding babies.  They actually turn white if the food is too hot.  But since we did baby led weaning, they didn't have much use since Kai couldn't handle them well.

How could I forget to mention bowls?  
These come with lids which is super convenient for storing food in the fridge or for eating on the go.  They are my very favorite bowls.  Also in the kind of like a bowl category is snack catchers.  These are awesome for on the go dry snacks.  We use on every Sunday in church.

And what bibs might I have loved is probably your next question?  Well my very favorite were any of the Bumkins bibs.They are waterproof and have a pocket to catch food . They can be machine washed or just washed along with dishes which was nice and they dry super fast.  They have all different types as well and some with sleeves.  I also liked the green sprouts bib although I only had one. Mine says I love Tacos.

Two other things that have made meal times easier are my high chair/ cart cover.  I got it from Target and I love it.  It is the Eddie Bauer three in one high chair/ cart cover and a play mat all in one.  I also really liked having a sturdy place mat that I can bring when we are eating in restaurants since Destructo likes to set his food down on the table and then pick it back up and eat it gag.

I hope this list helps if you are just entering the what do I do now stage of transitioning from a milk only diet to a normal human diet.  All the products I listed are BPA free and most are other dangerous chemical free as well.

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