Monday, July 9, 2012

Birthday Gift Ideas for a One Year Old Boy

Destructo's favorite birthday gift this year was by far his Little Tikes Pirate ship ride on toy.  He really enjoys riding on it, standing on it trying to knock himself unconscious, and hiding things in it.  Like my keys, wallet, and cell phone. 

 Keeping with the pirate theme, he also got the Little Tikes pirate ship water table.  He enjoys playing in this a lot, but has pretty much destroyed a lot of the cool features on it such as the cannon and anchor.  So in that aspect, I don't give it very high durability ratings.

Right now Destructo loves puzzles of any type.  Some of his favorites are:  Melissa and Doug barn puzzle.  This one is the easiest for his little hands to grip and put into place as they have knobs on the pieces.  He is quite good at this one already.

 He also really likes his Melissa and Doug transportation puzzle.  He doesn't actually put this one together, but instead uses the pieces to play with like cars. 

A third one that he likes (and will probably like more as he gets older is the Melissa and Doug fishing puzzle.

He is currently loving playing master chef.  He loves to stir food around in my giant mixing bowl with wooden spoons.  We recently got him the Melissa and Doug food set and it was a huge upgrade from having to stir his wooden blocks and pretend they are food.

And speaking of wooden blocks, these are two favorite sets of Destructo's.

 Cars, trucks, firetrucks, and trains are higher on Kai's love list than me most days.  Some favorites are:

He also has a Thomas the Train toy and a Little Tikes helicopter toy that he loves.
 Two final toys of mention (other than the multitude of balls of all kinds that he loves to kick and throw around) are:  Little Tikes barn toy     and his Plan tool set.  He loves to help daddy fix things around the house with his hammer and screwdriver.

Oh and how could I forget his tunnel.  He crawls through this and rolls his balls in it.   It is very similar to this one, but I got it at Target.

We try to buy toys for Kai not made in China and made of safe materials.  Plan, Haba, Wonderworld, and EverEarth are a few favorites.  Melissa and Doug is something we have a lot of in our house.  It is produced with safe materials, but is made in China.  In researching it, the company does seem to put safety fairly high as they test the toys in China and again once they are in the US.  We have more of it than I would like, but like I said it is widely available.  Little Tikes is another company that while a lot of their toys are made in China has a line of toys that are actually made in the US.  You just have to look carefully to see where they were manufactured.

I mostly try to stay away from plastic toys that require batteries.  I feel that Destructo will learn far more by using his imagination than having toys that made every noise under the sun.  And honestly, he truly prefers his wooden toys to his loud, noise making toys.

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Destructo playing with his Little Tikes barn.  He loves the animal sounds.

Crawling through his tunnel

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  1. We try to avoid battery operated toys also - not only are they annoying to keep in batteries, they also usually have a limited number of things you can do with them, making them less great for imagination-use!
    That tunnel looks like a lot of fun!

    1. He loves that tunnel and has since he could crawl. Sometimes the dog even gets in there with him. I try to buy Destructo toys with him having to use his imagination in mind. For example, one of those block sets doubles as play food in his mixing bowl when I am cooking. Or he will use the transportation puzzle pieces as cars.

  2. I'm all about wooden toys! One of the main reasons I started my online toddler toys stores. I wanted to get back to the basics and make kids use their imagination!

    New follower from Toddle Along Tuesday hop

    Would love for you to stop by and visit Raising Reagan and my online toddler toy stores!

    Raising Reagan

    1. I actually already follow your blog. But I am going to be sure to check out your store. Wooden toys are awesome for sure. You can never have too many.

  3. i love to give wood toys and that barn puzzle is terrific. thank you for sharing at the hop xo

  4. So glad you linked this up, Melissa! My son is turning 1 in 2.5 months (excuse me while I burst into tears!). We have so much stuff already from his big sister, but I want to get him something - mostly so my daughter can experience giving something! I think the tunnel might be the perfect idea!

    1. There is a tent that goes with the tunnel and Kai really likes when I connect the two and he has a tunnel/fort thing.

  5. I am expecting a little boy this fall, and since I don't have any little brothers, I was worried about toys and boys. But this list covers a wide variety and will be helpful when the time comes! Thanks so much!

  6. These are some great birthday present ideas. I love getting people gifts and I try to be creative when picking out stuff. The holiday season is soon approaching .

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