Saturday, July 28, 2012

Remember when shopping used to be fun?

Shopping with my very mobile, very active nearly 15 month old is a lesson in patience.  He will not sit in a stroller for more than about five seconds anymore.  By gosh, he might miss some opportunity to drive momma crazy.  No, he would rather walk and by walk, I mean run.  And by run, I mean run the opposite direction I am going.

We went to return some shoes that Mr. Destructo ordered and got and lo and behold, they were the wrong shoes.  I decided to check out the clearance racks in Carters outlet store since I like to buy next years wardrobe this time of year because it is on mega clearance and who really cares if he is wearing last seasons fashions?

Hubby went to look in another store leaving me and Destructo.  No big deal.  First thing that happened was Destructo fell in love with a fire engine shirt.  Awesome.  It is 5.99 and is a short sleeve t-shirt, short sleeve onesie, and pair of pants in 18 months so it should work come fall.  Sure Destructo we can get that.  He sits down with his beloved shirt and starts making zooming truck noises.  I am thinking score.  Maybe he will just sit here nicely while I finish going through this rack.

Fast forward one minute and he has decided he wants a drink.  I hand him his sippie.  He takes a drink and then rolls the sippie across the floor under a rack.  I go to grab it, but he takes off and rolls under the rack with it.  I drag both of them out and try to distract him with a stuffed teddy bear that is also on clearance.  He then decided he wants to climb into the stand up types of racks and before I can grab  him he falls over backwards (because of the bars on the bottom that he didn't take into consideration.)  This is hilarious to him and he tries to do it again.

By this point, he has people staring since he is pulling clothes off the rack in the process and nearly hitting his big old head each time, so I decide to try to shop standing up and holding him.  I manage to find one pair of jeggings (which were my favorite pair of clothing for him last year since they are comfy and look like jeans) and a short sleeve onesie for 5.99.  While trying to hold him, two hangers of clothes, and his sippy cup he decides to start freaking out exorcist style.  I set him down and he managed to knock about half a row of Melissa and Doug toys off the stand.  Thankfully at this point Mr. Destructo showed back up and took him, but I was so tired of wrangling him,  I gave up and decided he can go naked next year.  Who needs clothes anyways?

So what are you guys best suggestions for shopping with child in tow?  My hubby will be out of town for a week and of course it is when two of the big consignment sales are?  I am going to bring the stroller and snacks next time to try to amuse him longer.  Will I ever be able to shop again?


  1. It will get easier, and as weird as it sounds the more often you bring him, the quicker he will learn what is appropriate behavior. Of course, snacks and toys help too.

    Having said that I would suggest that you have someone watch him while you go to the consignment sales. They've got great deals but they are nightmares for little kids - crowded, long lines, lots of toys that you may not want to buy. The great deals you get should offset the cost for the sitter.

    1. I luck out most of the time with consignment sales and just go before I get home from work before whichever family member leaves to go home just not on half price days which are on the weekends typically.
      Shopping is much easier with Kai if I can convince him to stay in the stroller and especially at stores that have those truck carts. He sits great when he can drive the truck. Hmm that reminds me though, I have a steering wheel thingie that came with our stroller. I need to remember to grab that next time we are out.


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