Sunday, July 22, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things-- Toddler feeding edition

Since I recently posted about baby led weaning, I figure the next logical post should be one about the things that made practicing baby led weaning easier.  So without further ado, here are some of my favorite toddler feedings items.

The first is my high chair.  Graco DuoDiner 3-in-1 Infant Highchair to Booster Sprout Collection SweetPea.  I really like this high chair because it leans back which was nice when he was still wobbly at sitting, it sits up like a regular high chair, and it doubles as a toddler booster seat.  You just strap it to a dining room chair similar to a space saver high chair and push it up to the kitchen table.  This high chair is also a bright limeish green color that matched my accent wall in my kitchen very well.
Sitting in my high chair/ booster combo

The two brands of sippy cups that I highly recommend are the Playtex the first Sipster cups for when the baby is first learning how to drink.  This cup has two handles and is spill proof.  This was the easiest cup for Kai to drink from and hold early on. 

Now I really like the Playtex straw cup that is insulted.  It keeps his water cold when we are out and about and has a straw which is better to prevent tooth decay than a regular sippy cup.  
Finally in the cup department, I am going to be trying one of these cups as soon as I remember to pick one up.     I have heard from other toddler moms that this cup is a great way to transition them from sippy cup to regular cup since they have to put their lips on it more like they would a regular cup.  I will let you guys know what I think of it once I get one.

These are the two kind of plates I like:
and I also like .  I use the first set more in day to day eating since it is easy to cut things up on those plates and microwave things.  The Sassy plates I use when I have someone watching Destructo and want to make his lunch before I go to work.  They come with two tops that fit over the plate so I can keep it in the fridge.  They are also divided which is nice for fruit to stay separated.

I have a few sets of silverware and they are all fine nothing that just blows my mind.
  I like these for letting Destructo self feed.
I take the Take and Toss with me when I am out just in case they get lost.  They are cheap and I left a fork and spoon at my sisters house and at the grandparents house so I wouldn't have to make sure to bring silverware with us any time we go there.

As for baby spoons, we use these the most:

Another set we have that I didn't care for as much, but were still okay were  I would have liked these a lot more if we had done purees  a lot since they were my favorites at the daycare I worked at for feeding babies.  They actually turn white if the food is too hot.  But since we did baby led weaning, they didn't have much use since Kai couldn't handle them well.

How could I forget to mention bowls?  
These come with lids which is super convenient for storing food in the fridge or for eating on the go.  They are my very favorite bowls.  Also in the kind of like a bowl category is snack catchers.  These are awesome for on the go dry snacks.  We use on every Sunday in church.

And what bibs might I have loved is probably your next question?  Well my very favorite were any of the Bumkins bibs.They are waterproof and have a pocket to catch food . They can be machine washed or just washed along with dishes which was nice and they dry super fast.  They have all different types as well and some with sleeves.  I also liked the green sprouts bib although I only had one. Mine says I love Tacos.

Two other things that have made meal times easier are my high chair/ cart cover.  I got it from Target and I love it.  It is the Eddie Bauer three in one high chair/ cart cover and a play mat all in one.  I also really liked having a sturdy place mat that I can bring when we are eating in restaurants since Destructo likes to set his food down on the table and then pick it back up and eat it gag.

I hope this list helps if you are just entering the what do I do now stage of transitioning from a milk only diet to a normal human diet.  All the products I listed are BPA free and most are other dangerous chemical free as well.

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  1. Love, love, love the Gerber bowls with the lids and the Bumkins bibs--have tons of each and use them every day!

    1. I plan on getting more Bumkin bibs if we have another baby down the road. They are just so nice and completely water proof. I only had three, but by far they were my favs.

  2. Great post! I love the snacking bowls, we use them all the time. I have also been wanting to try one of those cups. I think we still have awhile. Penny and Ben just got the hang of the straw cup.

    1. I will post what I think of that cup when I get one. I might order one this week since I am planning on ordering a few books for him anyways.

  3. New follower! Love your site! Looking forward to reading more!

    Daisy @

  4. Stopping by to say hi from the GFC blog hop last week. So glad to meet you! Looking forward to following your blog. Hope you are having a great start to the week!

  5. Really awesome blog you have here..I'm stopping in and following you from the blog hop and looking forward to reading more of your wonderful blog.. Hope you can stop in and follow back via .. Wishing you a beautiful weekend.. xo.. Mariyn..

  6. Absolutely! My favorite bibs are either Bumkins or Skip Hop. :-)

  7. My favorite BLW product were those hand held strainer thingys that you can put a piece of fruit or a berry into (I always did frozen, so it functioned as a teether too). But this is a great list :)


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