Monday, July 23, 2012

We might buy Destructo too many balloons

We have gotten in the habit of getting Destructo a balloon after we leave the local Mexican restaurant since he loves them. I wasn't planning on getting him one last night since he still has one at the house from my mom. We left the restaurant and he kept pointing to the Dollar General store. I am looking around trying to figure out which car, truck, dog, or bird he is pointing at not listening to him babble on. I finally ask him what he was pointing at. He frantically points to the Dollar General again and takes off walking there. I grab his hand and ask him why we need to go there. He looks up at me with this look like Duh Momma and points again and say "Baooon." Yes truly duh momma. How dare I forget to go get his balloon. I never thought he was old enough to put something like Mexican restaurant ='s getting a balloon together. I am in big trouble.


  1. Replies
    1. That they are. I am constantly amazed at things he says or does.


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