Friday, August 24, 2012

Flashback Friday-- My Owl Baby Shower

I had two baby showers.  Actually scratch that, I had three.  My mom and sisters threw me one, my mother in law threw me one, and work threw me one.  Destructo sure was a loved little baby.  The theme for my mom's baby shower was owls.  She actually made the cake totally by herself including teaching herself how to work with fondant.  What can I say my mom is freaking Martha Stewart.

It was a lot of fun.  We did fill in the blank letters that everyone filled out and I can give to Destructo one day when he is grown.  (Or in reality to his future wife who might actually care if he turns out anything like his daddy!)  You can see the format of those here.  I love reading some of these responses a year later.  Some are super funny such as I hope you respect traffic laws because those tickets add up or I hope you aren't afraid of your dad.  LOL  Some were super sweet such as I hope you never forget you are loved or I hope you love with all your heart.  And some are just down right true.  I hope you learn math.  It's hard (at least for Destructo's mommy.)  Or I hope you ride horses like your mommy.  Darn tooting.

We played two games one where you had to identify baby pictures of various family members.  This was hard even for me because my mom included my grandparents as babies.  I kept that poster she had made and will give it to Destructo one day.

The other game was the delivering a baby game.  My mom froze little plastic babies in ice cubes and you had to "break the water" and get the baby out to win.  It was hilarious watching everyone try to get their little plastic babies out.  Some people were very passive about it just letting the ice cubes dissolve in their drinks.  Others were sucking on them or rubbing them in their hands or hitting them with their forks.  It was pretty amusing.

Overall it was a great baby shower.  I had my childhood friend travel in from Michigan to be there with me and this meant the world to me.  Shouts out to Kelly if she is reading this.  My two closest college friends also both made it there and that was fun to be together once again.  And finally it wouldn't be complete without my "internet stranger" friend Becky buying me a way too generous gift that has come in so handy time and time again.  (The baby crack white noise machine  and the swaddles I talked about in this post.)

And now to the pictures.
Mom and sisters with the owl clothes hanging on the clothesline

Owl cake, birds nest no bake cookies, and matching suckers
Awesome owl hat my friend Laura made
Sweets table
Food table
My momma and baby owl decoration
Clothes line with the shirt that my mom made me. 
Guess who was who as a baby game
Destructo's auntie LoeLoe and auntie Po-trishie


  1. How cute!! looks like you really are blessed!

    1. I truly am. I felt so loved after all my showers. We got so many great gifts and well wishes.

  2. Love times a million. Your mom/Dayna did an awesome job on the shower cause it was adorable.

    1. I figured you would get a kick out of being "famous" on my blog. Check out my newest post about the laundry soap. It is super cheap around 25 bucks to make and will last around a year.

  3. wow owl baby shower those owl's on cake and tree are looking the real attraction of this shower.
    Pooh Baby Shower


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