Friday, August 3, 2012

I am exhausted

So far today Destructo has:  woke up for 2.5 hours over night and threw hitting temper tantrums,
woke up an hour earlier than normal,
had an explosive poo diaper that covered his PJ's,
pulled all the books off the shelf in his room,
pulled all the DVD's off the DVD rack,
attempted to play in the toilet,
escaped naked into the back yard,
escaped in a diaper and socks into the front yard,
forced me to buy a new pack of paci's since I forgot to bring one for him when we went out,
ate corn bread and mashed potatoes for lunch since he refused anything else,
frantically warned everyone that the fire under the buffet thingies was hot, hot, loudly and incessantly,
watched more Olympic soccer than I care to admit since I have finally found a TV show he likes,
caused mommy to DVR said soccer since he will actually watch it,
pulled all the puzzles off the shelf and dumped the pieces all over the living room,
knocked the vaccum over and rode it like a horse,
threw away all the contents of his diaper bag one by one until I caught him,
pulled dirty dishes out of the dishwasher,
fed the dog blueberries and cantaloupe,
rode the dog, hit the dog, layed on the dog, walked on the dog, headbutted the dog, etc
learned to climb on the futon and fell off at least once,
threw my phone across the room,
hit the laptop so hard I am amazed it didn't break,
ate pizza for dinner because I was too exhausted to cook,
pulled said pizza off the counter onto the floor,
fed the dog pizza and peas but sneakily this time,
let his sippie cup leak milk all over the floor,
conned my husband out of bits of his brownies even though we don't give him stuff like this normally,
bit me hard when I finally let him nurse after he had been begging for ten minutes,
threw a fit when I then refused to nurse him,
ran away when I tried to change his poop butt,
ran away when I tried to put his PJ's on, and
forced me to read his Goodnight Moon to him and the wooden puppy toy.

Is it any wonder I am so tired I can barely stay awake?  Ahh motherhood the only time in your life when exhaustion is so normal you forget you are tired.  :)


  1. Oh I know the feeling all too well. Hang in there!! It gets easier when they get old enough to bribe... Lol.

    1. I already try to bribe him. It doesn't work so well yet. I am anxious for the days when it does. Thanks for reading.

  2. Sounds like he gave you a rough day!! Mine is so little, and immobile - for now. :-/

    1. I really miss the immobile days. I used to sit him on the floor with a blanket and a bunch of toys and could get so much done. But he is a lot of fun now too with starting to talk and I can make his butt walk instead of having to carry him.

  3. Wow. Amazing how when we become moms, we keep on going REGARDLESS of how tired we are! Hang in there mama, you are doing great!!!!


    1. I know. I sometimes am so tired I physically ache and yet I just keep swimming, just keep swimming. LOL I am checking your blog out right now. Thanks for reading.

  4. I don't get it--why are you tired?? Joking! So joking! And hoping loads of energy comes your way--this mothering thing is serious business, I know!

    1. Motherhood is a crazy ride. Thanks for the energy wishes. I have slept a little better the last couple nights and Destructo has slept through the night the last two nights so maybe they worked.


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