Monday, September 24, 2012

If Given a Free Day

If you were given a day off from work, children, household duties, husbands needs, etc what would you do? 

I think my ideal day would go something like this.  I would sleep until I woke up on my own.  Knowing myself this would still be early, but wouldn't it be so nice to wake up to silence.  No alarm clock, no screaming baby, no pets needing to go out or be fed.

I would enjoy a leisurely breakfast that was the right temperature and consistency.  No cold tea or mushy cereal or cold, rubbery eggs.

I would take a long, hot shower.  So long in fact that my hot water heater ran out.

I would go to Sonic and get a route 44 cherry coke.  And I would drink it will in plain view of the world.  No hiding in the corner of the kitchen because obviously I can't share my guilty pleasure with Destructo.

I would go down to my friends house and spend a good half of the day riding horses with her and grooming them and giving them baths.  And in my perfect dream scenario, the horses would be perfectly behaved (hear that Simba???)  and the weather would be that perfect combination of not too cold or not too hot.  Oh and I would feed Simba all the cookies in the world since he is the last combination to my beautiful mare, Ellie.

When I got home, I would take another hot shower just for the heck of it.

I think then I would take my dog to the lake.  Ladybug used to be like my child until Destructo came along.  Now she kind of gets the short end of the stick since it is hard to take both her and Destructo places.  We would go bird watching for a few hours.  Who knows maybe I would even spot a bird that I have never seen before.   Oh and I would invite Mr. Destructo to go to and maybe he would even oblige me and take me on a canoe ride.

Then Mr. Destructo and I would go out to eat at the local Japanese Hibachi restaurant that we never eat at.  That place is awesome, but expensive.

I would get home just in time to give Kai his goodnight story and kisses before bed.

Then I would eat Ben and Jerry's half baked ice cream, drink a glass of lemon drop wine, and go to bed early and actually immediately fall asleep since this is a dream scenario. 


  1. My Snack Pack!

    I rode him bareback the other day, and he was good, even without accel. But then later that day, there was a paper towel that had blown into the field that was trying to murder him. He has a hard life.

    1. Those deadly paper towels. Or umbrellas, saddles in the field, cows, pigs, pig smells, mud puddles, mailboxes, deer, kimberwick snaffles.

  2. Fellow secret cherry coke addict here. What is it about the Sonic ice that makes it so much better?? I think my perfect day off would involve some sort of spa day. The kind where a woman named Olga gave me a facial and a big strapping swede named Lars gave me an amazing massage!

  3. Lovely!! Sounds like a perfect day to me too!!


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