Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why are you Proud of your Child?

Every mom is proud of her child.  It is like part of the mommy pre-reqs.  We are all proud for the gross motor skills milestones they hit.  My child was walking at 10.5 months.  Or my child rolled over from belly to back at 5 weeks to the dot and continues to do it after.

Parents brag about the vocal skills the child has.  Destructo is already saying 35+ words and can put them together in 2-3 word sentences.  He know some animal sounds and can identify body parts.  Parents are proud of their child's artistic abilities or their sports awesomeness.  Maybe you are super proud of school grades or social skills.

But what are some of the less thought of things that just make you a proud, proud mama (or daddy if I have any of those reading?)

A few things that make me so very proud of Destructo are the fact that he closes the barn doors of his play barn at night.  I am an animal science major and owned a horse for many years.  I would love nothing more than to own a farm one day so to me this is awesome that Kai goes over and makes sure all his animals are safely closed in the barn at night.

Speaking of animals, I am so proud of Kai for being such an animal lover.  He is a boy after my own heart.  He also seems to be quite interested in birds recently and I am quite the bird lover as well.  This makes me so proud of him when he points out a bird he hears singing in the tree and says quack (because you know all birds says quack.)

I am super proud of the fact that on days when my kid eats, he loves broccoli, peas, and lima beans.  I am also proud of the fact that my child absolutely loves mexican food.  Especially white cheese dip.  This means that momma gets to eat there more since it is the one restaurant Kai almost always eats well at.

But the thing I truly am the most proud of is when I ask him to pray, he folds his little hands.  I know he doesn't totally get it yet because the promptly starts eating after this before we are even done praying, but still.  I am hoping this is the start of learning how to pray as a family and by himself.

So what are the unconventional things that your child does that you are proud of?

Oh and I forgot to include when we are watching football and he hears the words touchdown and throws his hands up in the air.  I am super proud then.


  1. This is so cute! I'm proud of my little guy because he says "excuse me" when he passes someone. Even if he is like 5 feet away. I think it is adorable!

  2. What a cute post! I'm proud of Nolin for a lot of things but the 1st one that came to mind is his apologies. He says "sowwy" as soon as he hears someone upset, whether its his fault or not lol. It makes me smile every time...Not just because of how sweetly he says it but because its genuine. I personally struggled with heartfelt apologies & their timing so I love that he's able to do it like its 2nd nature :)

    1. Aww! I love children with good manners. I am working on it with Destructo with baby signs, but he still doesn't do it without prompting first.

  3. Awww, the praying thing melts my heart! Can't wait till LK starts doing that! I'm most proud that he is so personable. He will pretty much smile, entertain, and love on anyone. Which makes me smile. And fear the future when we have to talk about stranger danger ;)

  4. wiping the tears away...

    I am proud of Dinosaur for being a kind soul and making friends wherever he goes.

    I am proud of Dinosaur for using the skills I taught him to solve problems.

    I am proud of Dinosaur for being a good person and not a mean kid

  5. How sweet. Love that he'll fold his hands. We try to hold hands around the table, and my baby still throws hers up and manages to free herself long before the meal's been blessed, but she'll get there. I'm proud of my little girl when she sits still and behaves like a princess when the other kids around are throwing tantrums, whining, and otherwise being fussy.

  6. Sweet post to be thankful for those little things we overlook or expect in our our children. Thank you for sharing at WJIM this week. Blessings.

    1. Yep that was why I did the post. Too often I am not thankful enough for the little things since they are day to day things.


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