Monday, October 8, 2012

Finally Finished a Project

Since I posted about making playdough, I have been trying to finish making the primary colors.  Well I finally did it!  Kai now has blue and green to go with his red and yellow.

I also finally got to make my seashell sensory bottle to go with the other sensory bottles.  It also doubles as Kai's souvenir from vacation.

Today is my last day of vacation and I have been cleaning the house and trying to have fun with my little guy.  I hate when I have to go back to work after time longer than a long weekend.  It makes me just want to quit my job on the spot and stay home with Kai forever.  I don't mind working most of the time, but once I start settling into a routine of being home with Destructo, it sure is hard to go back.

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  1. looks great! What did you use to get the colors?

    1. Food coloring. Simple and easy to make and Destructo loves playing with it. I need to spend the money and get him some cookie cutters since we are currently using medicine cups and bottle lids. :)


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