Thursday, October 4, 2012

For when the conversation gets a bit dry..

Ten Conversation Firecrackers

I'm so honored that Melissa asked me to guest-post for her today.  Her blog is so much fun, and I can only hope to do it justice today!  Some of my favorite posts of Melissa's are her list posts, so I thought I would take a stab at making my own list today.

Not that after 11 years of marriage, the conversation can get a bit stale or anything ;), but...I got to thinking the other day about all those conversation starter books.  Do you know the ones I'm talking about?  The "If" books and the like...Somehow, we accumulated about 16 of them our first year of marriage--I guess people have serious concerns that we would run out of things to talk about and just kept gifting them to us or something.

Anyway, 2 moves and 2 kids later, all those books are long lost, but I've come up with my own list of some conversation bombs to keep the flow of chatter moving, with your spouse or whoever you find yourself sharing dinner with tonight.

(Keep in mind that these don't have to be things you've actually thought, or believe.  The interest in dropping any of these firecrackers is to just "liven things up if you will"...)

1. I have decided to exclusively vote Republican for the rest of my life and am getting the elephant tattooed on my inner wrist to be sexy.

2. Do you think I should have another child in case I get bored in a few years?

3. I may have wrecked my minivan for the 4th time this year.

4. I have started watching Drop Dead Diva Re-runs on Netflix and think the show is awesome. (This one may lead more to crickets chirping in the awkward silence vs. a hot conversation, but it will definitely shake things up).

5. I don't know if having 5 costumes per child is enough to cover our Halloween needs this year.

6.  My son asked to pray for his tricycle last night.  I handle this how, exactly?

7.  I am really struggling to choose between Essie's "Wicked" or "Skirting the Issue" as my fall shade.  What are your thoughts? (yeah, perhaps loads more cricket chirping here and why, oh why, am I obsessed with dark shades of nail polish?  I have no justifiable time to paint my nails...)

8.  Have you ever made your own sushi?  I would like to start, but am pretty sure I would chop off all of my fingers in the process.  Do you think this would be worth it?

9.  Why do I want to see every new Matthew McConaughey movie that comes out, even if it looks like crap?  Also, is his wife's face weird or is it just me?

10.  (This one is exclusively intended for my husband, just to watch him squirm and get his panties in a bunch)  I ordered a second washing machine today.  Also, I am hiring a laundry maid.  If you're going to insist on wearing a fresh pair of boxers very day, I'm going to need some help...

What are your ideas?  Fill me in with how you are planning to light your conversations on fire!


  1. Thanks for hosting me today, Melissa! This was fun! :)

    1. Thanks for doing the post for me. I am still trying to come up with a great post idea for you!

  2. Very funny!

    How about "So I have this place by my ear that keep oozing this green stuff. Wanna see?"

    btw, I'm wearing Wet N' Wild "Teal of Fortune" as we speak... So deliciously dark and sparkly....

  3. Haha! Hysterical! And now I'll have to add that color to my dilemna--thanks for making it more complicated ;)

  4. Love #10. I may have to borrow that one with 3 males in the house! : )

    1. Wouldn't it be so perfect if it were true? ;)

  5. I can see that you like to live baby or new maid!!!!

    1. Yes, truly a "living on edge" kind of gal ;)

  6. Great ideas...How about "Let's share our feelings"...Always a great way to get a man engaged in conversation! ;)


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