Sunday, October 28, 2012

It was a good weekend

Friday I met with my local MOPS group for worship and fellowship with other moms.  It is so nice to get a few hours of uninterrupted time to talk, laugh, and eat breakfast without a little one climbing all over your legs or stealing your food.

We came home, Kai took a long nap, I cleaned, and then I jogged.  I have started C25K to attempt to get in better shape.  I am starting the 3rd week on Tuesday of this coming week.  It has been hard, but so far so good.  Each time I think I can't do it, I push myself a little more and hit the time limit.  I highly encourage this program to anyone that is thinking about starting to jog.  I was very sore the first day, but other than that I haven't been the least bit sore even on the first days of the longer jogs.  I bought myself some awesome new running shoes to celebrate making it two weeks.  They were outrageous so I figure even more motivation to keep running.  I also got Kai a pair of light up Skechers for 10 bucks on clearance when I bought my shoes.  He has not taken them off since he unknowingly to me found them.  They were supposed to be for Christmas haha and are a size too big.  
My awesome new running shoes

Saturday evening we went to a burger joint for my mom's birthday and Destructo actually behaved very well for once.  Then Grandma and Grandpa Destructo took him back to their house and me and Mr. Destructo went to a party that a college friend of mine was throwing for Halloween.  It was great to get to see everyone I haven't seen in years.  That is how you know it is a true friendship.  You can go years without seeing them and yet still feel all warm and cozy and friendly and not run out of things to talk about.  It was good to get the whole gang together again.
Kissing his horse

Destructo rode his rocking horse like a mad man and even tried on his puppy costume that was given to me by my aunt.  Then it was time to play outside.  My parents live in the country.  I mean it is so country out there that the local school is K-12th grade.  I graduated with a whopping 32 people and loved every minute of it. 

 As we were playing outside, the wind was kicking and the leaves were falling.  I picked Destructo up and we were spinning and jumping trying to catch the flying blizzard of leaves before they hit the ground.  Destructo has a serious case of the giggles and was cheering me on as I tried like a mad woman to grab leaves for him.  It hit me in that moment, that these are the moments he and I will never forget.  It isn't the toys I buy him or the clothes I dress him in that he will look back on with fond memories.  It is the time we spent catching leaves or running through the crunchy leaves or playing in a leaf pile that he thinks of and smiles when he is speaking of his childhood.  And I hope that one day he will do the same things with his little child and think back on me as I did my own mother.  
Crunching the leaves

It was a great weekend!

On a side note, I promise to visit all my new followers blogs at some point this weekend.  I was too busy catching leaves and visiting old friends to do much blogging this weekend.  Also stay tuned (probably tomorrow) for a review on a book and a sweepstakes for that book.

A few of the leaves we caught


  1. At first iread that you were doing a 25k and I thought holy crap!! Ha ha. Must make in an early night. Brain no work no more tonight.

  2. Hi Melissa, I always enjoy your space and seriously laugh out loud when I hear the name "destructro" - it is awesome. What an adorable little puppy you have! All the best - Monica

  3. Very cool shoes!! Love the costume...and you are so right - it's the moments spinning in the leaves and laughing that you both remember :)

    1. I love my awesomely hideous shoes. Although they aren't really broken in yet so I am hoping they get more comfy.

  4. awwww... I LOVE the crunchy leaves moment. Sometimes we really have to force ourselves to put away the to-do list, leave the dirty dishes and go have FUN! Thanks for the reminder.. :) I think I will run around outside and get a little dirty tomorrow.. :) Also, I graduated from a K-12 school too with only 13 students in my class!! (only 2 of them boys.. oye....)


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