Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ten Things I Learned on Vacation

We were on vacation for the past week in Destin, Florida.  It was a great week, but a long week as well.  Vacations with toddlers take on a whole new exhausting side than vacations as a child free couple.  But they really are more fun in a lot of ways.

So here are my realizations from vacation:

1)  Seeing Destructo's face when he got his first glimpse of the ocean and the sand on the beach was priceless.  He loved playing on the beach and splashing in the ocean.  I was an adult in my 20's before I ever got to see the ocean so I am glad that he got to see it when he was still so young.
Feeling the sand on his feet

2)  Holding little sandy boy hands is the best feeling in the world.  I know that he won't want to hold my hands forever, but he does right now and I cherish the moments with him sand and all.

3)  Speaking of sand, it give babies the worst diaper rash.  I have been fighting rashes ever since we went and I still haven't fully gotten it cleared up.

4)  The giant crab that Mr. Destructo caught wasn't nearly as exciting as the little bitty fish that he had also caught.
Crab caught in the dark and two fish

5)  Sometimes big boys are as much fun to watch as little boys.  Mr. Destructo might have been hilarious to watch as he tried to catch fish in his hands or chased crabs around the beach.

6)  Frogs make hilarious noises according to Destructo.  I will try to get this one on video at some point and post it for you guys.

7)  8 hour car trips with a one year old take 12 hours and nearly make you lose your sanity.

8)  Speaking of cars, Destructo pooped more in the car than normal and also played with his most obnoxious toys in the car.  He also mimicked fire trucks for hours and hours and hours....

9)  Seagulls really like pirates booty.
Mine, mine, mine

10)  I took a picture of our foot prints on the beach and I nearly tear up each time I look at it.  Something about his little bitty feet and my big feet next to each other.  I just always hope that he lets me walk beside him as I was doing that evening, holding his hand, and helping him to walk even when the big waves nearly knocked him down.  Even when he is a grown boy or an adult, I hope he will let me help him out when he needs it.

My new very favorite picture
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  1. I lost it when I saw number ten... absolutely lost it..still tearing up babe. What a great pic, you HAVE to frame that and keep it on your wall.

    1. I think I am going to get a bigger copy of it and frame it for my dresser. I am so glad there was enough light left to get that picture.

  2. I love the footprints' photo!! And, wow! He sure caught a big crab!!

  3. Sounds like y'all had a wonderfully exhausting good time together :) Love the pix! Thank you for sharing and linking up ;) Blessings !

    1. It was a lot of fun, but completely exhausting. I think vacations will be even more fun once Destructo is a little bigger.


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