Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Top Ten Children's Books I wish We Could Read

As I posted before, Kai has a lot of favorite books.  There will be a favorite book 18 month addition coming up next month so watch for it.  But needless to say with the exception of I don't much care for Destructo's choices.
Oh   and   how I detest thee.  Okay not really as they were some of my favorites to read to him back in the  phase, but that was only because they were new and I didn't have them memorized backward and forward.  Anyways without further ado, here are the top ten books I wish I could read to Destructo.  You know and by read, I mean that he would not throw across the room in horror when I suggest it or run away.

1)  Kai and I used to read this every night before bed when he was an itty bitty and would sit for hours reading books in the rocking chair with the momma.  He loved the colors and way I would read it and would coo and gurgle the entire time I read it.  Now he won't let me so much as open a page.  Insert sad face here.  I did read it to him (errr his empty room) last night just to make myself feel better.

2)  Again another book that I read nightly when he was small.  This book is such a loving perfect book for a momma to read to her baby.

3)  As is this book.
 I actually got three copies of this before Destructo was born.

4)  This was a favorite book for me to check out at the school library as a kid.  I would love to read it to Destructo.

5)  When I worked at the daycare, this was the very favorite of all the kids.  Once in a while, Destructo will slip and let me throw it into the rotation, but it is few and far between.  I love this book and all the books by Eric Carle.

6) I would settle for any Corduroy book.

7)   Or really anything by Dr. Suess.

8)   It has been quite some time since I tried this one.  I am going to see tomorrow night.  Maybe I will get lucky.

 This one I imagine Destructo would sit for, but I haven't found it at the consignment sales or garage sales yet.  I think I might have to borrow it from the library before long.
10) This is the complete Little House on the Prairie series.  I loved these books as a kid.  I realize that these are far too advanced books for Destructo, but I said books I wish I could read to him so
 hey anything goes right?

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  1. Oh mah-gah on the Curious George. We read the books, watched the cartoon, snuggled the toys... That monkey makes me want to hurt things... No more monkey!

    Can I get a fist bump on the Eric Carle, though? I loves me some "Mr. Seahorse" and "Brown Bear..".

    1. I know. I love Eric Carle books, but Destructo just doesn't care. My ill will is to Clifford. Again this morning he was actually looking at one of the new Clifford books, but when it came time for me to read to him he want and got the old Clifford off the shelf. I have the dang book memorized.

  2. We are stuck on the Curious George collection too! Huge success--last night we were able to read the one about George's trip to the city vs. the birthday surprise one. I about died of shock and gratitude. IT's the small shake-ups I cling to...

  3. Oh my! Those are all on our list too! I love Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and both my kids loved that one. Feel free to link this post into the Kid Lit Blog Hop. It's on NOW! :)

    1. Aha! Glad you linked in Melissa because I really liked this post. :D

    2. Thanks! I speak the truth. If I have to read another truck book that has no words except for the names of trucks, I might go beserk. Haha

  4. I hear you! My son used to want me to read the Berenstain Bears -- my arch nemeses!

    1. I am not sure Destructo even has one of those books. Makes mental note not to buy one.


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