Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to make Destructo's first Halloween where he was not just a little baby special, especially since I had to work and he has had a cold all week.  So luckily for me, Grandma Destructo was willing and she made him a special Halloween lunch complete with bat PBJ's and oranges, orange juice (added bonus vitamin C since I don't normally give Destructo juice), and "orange" peach applesauce.  I didn't even have to compromise my healthy eating to do it!  I also let Kai eat some "candy" aka fruit leather strips and fruit gummies that are made from pureed fruit with no added sugars.  (Target Archer Farms brand if you are curious and they are absolutely delicious.)
Healthy Halloween lunch served on his pumpkin plate
Eating (or feeding it to Bug Bug) his healthy orange lunch

Destructo absoulutely loved dressing up as no other than his namesake, Captain Destructo.  I didn't know how he would handle the evening.  He threw his entire schedule off by not going back to sleep after I left for work.  He nearly always hears me getting ready with his super sonic bat hearing and wakes, but typically will go back to sleep for another hour or two.  So then his nap was an hour and a half early.  So he woke at 12:15 from nap and by trick or treating time was chock full of tantrums.  But he had such a blast trick or treating that he didn't want to stop.
My very own Captain Destructo

He carried his bucket and walked nearly the entire way and we ended up going further than I would ever have imagined those little legs could carry him.  He would climb all the porch steps, knock on the door, sometimes say either "trick" or "treat", and do the baby sign for thank you to everyone.  But I think he liked getting to pet people's dogs more than even getting candy!

What cracked me up the most though is that without ever having seen any super hero cartoons, movies, and I don't even really think he has a super hero book, Destructo knew to put his arms up in the air and pretend to fly.  Are super heros hardwired into little boys or something?

It was a great Halloween and I look forward to next year.  I hope all you lovely readers had awesome Halloweens as well and your kidlets got to enjoy the magic of being a child and making memories that last forever. I still remember the fun of trick or treating and the aftermath.  I used to love to sort my candy and then make lists of all the different kinds and how many pieces I had.  But I am a list dork like that.
Even super heros love their Grandmas

What were your favorite moments of Halloween this year?  Mine was when a lady came up and told me I saw your son using baby signs and saying thank you.  He has great manners.  I was a proud, proud mama.  Or when he just walked right along the entire time grinning from ear to ear.


  1. That costume is faboo!

    I am just happy that no one got sick in my new floor from eating too much candy!

    1. Thanks! It is always a good day when their is no vomit to clean up.

  2. Love the costume and the Halloween lunch!

    Happy Friday!


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