Monday, November 19, 2012

I have sad eyes

In case you have noticed I haven't been as active on my blog as normal, it is a two part explanation.  One is that work and life is busy with Thanksgiving coming up.  We go to Mr. Destructo's family for lunch that day and then my family's for dinner.  So a lot of go, go, going that day.  Plus we have had play dates and doctor appointments all Friday.

But I am also busy pouting, moping, and having sad eyes.  My bestie, my coworker, my work "husband", my long lost twin sister is leaving to go back to Italy for good.  Friendship with Mickey-D has always been easy.  There is no effort involved in it and we have the best times together.  Work (and life in general) won't be the same with her a bazillion miles away.  You guys like that knowledge of geography?

I have been lucky in my life to make some really great friends that have truly been there for me through thick and thin for the long haul in life.  My childhood bestie, Kelly and I met when I was 4 and she was 3.  We were inseparable playing house and school, building mud pies in the sand box, riding our bikes through the neighborhood.  When I moved to the south from Michigan in 1993, we still kept in touch.  We had slowly drifted apart and I didn't have her address or phone number in the early 2000s when thank goodness for myspace I looked her up and we reconnected.  We got engaged the same day, married three months apart, and while we don't talk daily or even weekly, when we do talk it is like we have never missed a day.  I am lucky to have a friendship that has spanned 26  years!

Kelly and I at my wedding
I was very lucky to have some great friends in high school.  Shanna, Beth, Tabitha, April, Missie if you guys read this you guys made life much more fun.  I didn't want to leave you guys out.  I think back on all those memories:  home ec classes, the times someone (Beth or Tab) got me in trouble, prom, dances, boyfriends and always think of you guys.

Trishie was my bestie through my wonderful college days.  We even did an internship on thoroughbred breeding farms together before we graduated.  Potrishie was my maid of honor in my wedding and has been there (although usually from a distance unfortunately) for all the ups and downs of my life.  Amazingly enough though we don't live near each other and usually only see each other once or twice a year, there is never any distance between us.  I will always laugh when I remember the days of "Sprite", heterosis, and breeding pigs while slightly inebriated with her.  I know that no matter what time of day I call her, she will pick up the phone and "pat my back" through whatever has me down.
Trish on my right side and Loey on my left making a Moey sandwich

My other college bestie was Laura aka Loey.  We lived in the dorms together and she cooked awesome corn for me.  We had a shared interest of riding horses and spent many many hours skipping classes and riding horses.  Even our horses were besties.  She is the only one of my friends who lives close enough to get together with, but life and families keep us both pretty busy so we don't see each other often.  But we always find good memories to laugh about when we do.  Whether we were going the speed of light,  sitting in a car that was a comfortable temperature for all, or riding on trippy dirt we made some awesome memories.

Then there was the oh crap I am an adult and have to get a real career friends.  I mentioned one of them in this post.  Kristy will be forever missed.  But after Kristy there was Sung.  Sung was the one who was someone I never would have expected to get as close with as I did.  She and I always got along well, but one day we went to Panera on our lunch break.  She told me a tidbit of gossip and we might as well have bought matching best friend necklaces right then and there.  Whether it was schoolgirl crushes, red shirts, or brownie bites we gossiped about, we had a great time doing it.  Even after she moved to Cincinnati to go to med school, we still have kept in touch and have a blast when we do get together.
Good times with Sung

And finally, the vanilla girl of Michela.  Sung and I thought she was vanilla and a bit boring when we first met her.  Little did I know that she would do a 180 on me and become the most fun person I have ever hung around with.  We have a friendship like no other (which is a good thing because I couldn't handle two Mickey-D's in my life.)  We make even the blah ordinary day to day work tasks seem like a day at the zoo.  There have been more laughs in 2 1/2 years than in a lifetime in a lot of ways and a lot of those laughs were the kind that make your stomach hurt.  Now on the eve of her leaving the country, I have sad eyes.  I can't picture coming to work without her to make me laugh, distract me, and be my bestie.  On the sad eye days that I am sure will follow, I plan to remember all the letters that became jokes (DC, CT, BB, CG etc), the stupid things we did involving tape whether it was taping her mouth closed or giving me tape highlights, or how we speak a language that always ends in a full circle.
Tape Highlights

While I have sad eyes at the moment, I know that this is just the beginning because even when distance separated all the other friendships in my life, they have kept on going.  Different, but still thriving.  Plus when one door of happiness closes another opens and all that.  I am sure God will send someone else into my life to share laughs and jokes with.  We shall see.
Always goofing off

So tell me about your best friends!  I love hearing heart warming stories about friendship.  Maybe it will even make my sad eyes a bit happier.


  1. awww...maybe you can go to Italy and visit. Skype has been a real blessing for us

  2. you gals look so cute together!! I'm sure you must be missing them a lot now!! And yes, social media does help a lot!!

    1. Yeah I am. Work just won't be the same without having a close friend around.


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