Saturday, November 24, 2012

It has been a Poopie Few Days

As you might or might not realize, I got a nasty stomach bug early Wednesday morning.  I spent six hours throwing up and had other nasty maladies off and on since then.  I at first thought it was my equilibrium since I was also slightly dizzy and my ears were ringing.

I dragged myself to work because I really didn't want to lose my holiday pay and managed to get the things I needed to get done finished.   This was an hour commuting time.  I crashed and napped for two hours and had to get up and get packed to drive the hour to my parents house.  I felt so awful I could barely move by the time I got there.

My youngest sister got sick Wednesday night as well.  Then fast forward to last night and both my brother in law and friend from Italy that celebrated the holiday with us were both up puking half the night.  I am so tired because I could hear the bathroom doors opening and closing all night.  I spent a good part of the night in prayer begging for God to spare Kai from this illness.

This morning we headed home as soon as Kai woke up and I had to leave my friend behind because she was too sick to make the drive home.  My parents are going to drive her home tomorrow and all, but it still made me feel awful.  But I just wanted to try to get Kai out of there before he was triply?? exposed to this bug.

On the trip home after we had looked at Christmas trees since we decided to get a slim one even though they are more expensive to save room, the dog threw up twice.  I walked in the house while trying to keep an eye on Kai as he mowed the yard to grab cleaning stuff and discovered the cat had pooped in Destructo's room and next to the litter box and puked all over.  She hates being in the house without someone to let her out so she refuses to use the litter box.  (It isn't medical just for the record since she uses the litter box perfectly when we are home.)  So I couldn't even let Kai in the house because there was puke and poop everywhere.  I had to put him in the back yard, open his bedroom window, and watch him play as I cleaned the rug.  Arrrghhh

I am really hoping and praying he doesn't get it.  The one good thing we have going for us is that he is still nursing once or twice a day so I know he is getting some antibodies from me since I had it already.  He still isn't fully over the cold that just won't go away either.

But just for the record, amidst all the puking and sickness that surrounded us and with a bit of crankiness on Kai's part, Thanksgiving day was actually a ton of fun with good food and I even felt okay.  So yay for that!  Oh and Destructo ate nothing at Thanksgiving lunch and applesauce for dinner.  You gotta love picky toddlers.


  1. My goodness, I am yucking the whole sickness thing. Hopefully you guys are feeling a bit better by now.

    1. Yeah I am feeling much better. Mr. Destructo got it on Monday, but he is recovered now as well. Fingers crossed that Destructo doesn't get it.


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