Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year in Review

Swinging on a warm winter day

Super Bowl Sunday

Cruising with my toy for the first time

Trying out my big boy car seat

Number one fan

First sucker at my first friend's birthday party

First time at science center

First steps

Best Friends Forever 
Uncle Andy's surprise 30th Birthday Bonfire

First Easter egg hunt

First Easter

First poison control call when he ate Tums (and he was awful proud of himself)

Showing off his two new teeth

Creating destruction and giving mommy things to blog about for nearly a year

Zoo fun on Destructo's First Birthday

First Popsicle

First Publix cookie

First swim of the year

Memorable Posts
Top Ten Struggles in my first Year of Motherhood
My Breastfeeding Journey
Dinosaurs at the Zoo

Destructo's first painting

Posing on the train tracks

Temper, temper

Memorable Posts
Top Ten Things I Wish I had Known as a new Breastfeeding Mom
The Mom I Am, The Mom I Was
If I could Turn Back Time

Fourth of July

On vacation in Blue Ridge, Georgia

Lake Blue Ridge

Cool Dude

Memorable Blog Posts
Girl's Night
Mommy Guilt
Future Soccer Star
As I Sit Rocking my Son
Playing with playdough

All the Boys 
First big owie

Fun at the splash park

Kara's Birthday

Memorable Blog Posts
Breastfeeding in the Early Weeks
Destructo: Birth to One Year
Crappy Parenting at it's Finest
Destructo's First Time at the Ocean

First time at the local bounce house play place

Playing on his new slide at Grandmama's house

Alligator bait at the Montgomery Zoo

Memorable Blog Post
Reasons Raising a Spirited Child is Fun

Halloween as Captain Destructo  
Big Fish

First bike ride

Destructo loved the beach!

Footprints in the Sand


Pizza on the beach
Started couch to 5K

Harvest Festival in my parents home town

Silly Puppy

Michela and I at the Titans game

A rare Titans win!

Pumpkin patch
Even super heroes take time to smell the flowers

Memorable Blog Posts
What I Wish I had Known Upon Delivering Destructo
I Have Sad Eyes
Dreaded Moments

Ugha mughaing Daniel Tiger

Playground Fun with the Bestie


So handsome

First real illness (ear infection)
Little fashion model

Sweets for the sweet on Christmas morning

Say cheese

Whoa a new easel

All the family

Kai and Anthony were best friends

Redneck Aunt Sloshie
So tired after all the festivities
Christmas morning

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  1. It's unbelievable how much they grow in a year. Time certainly does fly. He is so cute!

  2. Loving the year in's so amazing how much they change.

    I really like the family Easter shot.


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