Friday, December 7, 2012

Cloth diaper review -- Happy Heiny

For my latest diaper review, I am giving two thumbs up to Happy Heinys.  Or is it heinies?  Whatever it doesn't really matter.  I really like this diaper and since the elastics are slightly loose in my Bumgenius 4.0's and I haven't gotten around to replacing them, I have even been using them as my overnight diapers with no problems.  They come in both aplix and snaps.  There is also an organic option if this floats your boat.

These diapers are a bit smaller than Bumgenius 4.0's or Kawaii's which is both a pro and a con depending on the age of your child.  I loved these when Kai was a few months old because they were one of my very first one size diapers that fit Destructo.  But if he is a late potty trainer, I imagine they won't fit him anymore as the rise is shorter and he is going to be a very tall boy.
Photo via Kelly's Closet

I very rarely have leaks in these, even overnight.  This brand has some cute designs as well as solids.   The elastic in these diapers has held up very well thus far and if this hasn't convinced you to get a few of these diapers, let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time a blue Happy Heiny fell off the deck where it was being sunned.  It went unnoticed until a while later when the lovely keeper of the diapers noticed her pretty blue diaper was missing.  The pretty lady thought that possibly a care giver had left it behind somewhere when they were keeping Destructo or possibly it was just mixed in with other clothes, blankets, etc somewhere.

After much searching, the diaper keeper had to conclude that this diaper was gone for good.  Six months later (after a winter with many below freezing temps and rain) it was found hidden under a big barrel under the deck.  What the heck the diaper keeper thought let's wash it and see what happens.  Yeah the diaper still works just as well albeit the velcro is slightly rolled and it never came super clean.  That has to tell you something about the quality of these diapers!

And if you are still needing a stocking stuffer, they even have a Christmas diaper!
Photo via Kelly's Closet

You can get all these diapers and more at  .

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