Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Destructo's Favorite Books-- 18 month edition

1) DK Publishing  My First Learning Library.  Destructo has these three and also a baseball one and a trucks one.  He loves all of them much to our dismay.  They aren't books you can really read, more just pictures with words.

2)    Again by DK Publishing Baby Baa Baa!  I swear that publishing house gets way too much of my money.  Destructo has this (and three others that are very similar) and loves it!  It is a lift the flap type book and he loves to see what is in the bucket or behind the blanket.

3)   Goodnight Moon and My World by Margaret Wise Brown.  He just started liking My World recently when he realized it was very similar to Goodnight Moon.  I love Goodnight Moon and we read it every night.

4)  Clifford's Puppy Days by Norman Bridwell.  Funny story behind this one, Destructo calls the grey haired aunt Gigi every time we read it.  Gigi is his great grandma.  It always makes me giggle.

5)    Silly Little Goose by Nancy Tafuri

6)     Trucks by Byron Barton.  There is also planes, boats, trains.  He loves them all with trucks and trains being his very favorites.

7)   My Big Truck Book by Roger Priddy.  This isn't the exact book we have, but is very similar. Much to my dismay the one we have that has fallen apart and been repaired a million times is no longer being published.  :(

8)  Noisy Car by Roger Priddy.  This book is so obnoxious and loud, but it is helping teach Kai three of his colors.

9)  Tractor by DK Publishing.  He has a red tractor and a green John Deere one that isn't in print anymore.  He can read the books and drive them around.

10)  A farm book that I can NOT remember the name and will have to add later on.
He does love his books (and picking out his hat)

So there you have it, the top ten books we read at 18 months.  Honorable mentions go to Biscuit's Pet and Play Christmas since he just decided he liked it this week, the little board books that come with the Baby Signs kit, The Spirit of Christmas by Nancy Tillmann, and Love Your Forever.  The last two get slipped in occasionally when Kai isn't really paying attention.  They aren't his favorites so much as mine.

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  1. We love all the truck books too!! As he gets older, definitely get Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site---that's like the all time favorite here!



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