Saturday, December 22, 2012

It Looks Like Santa's Workshop up in Here

As promised here is the first of the crap I have been working on posts.  Ohh did I say crap, I  mean craft.  Craft posts.

This post is my Christmas cards I made and the homemade wrapping paper that Destructo decorated.
I let Destructo do art projects earlier this month.  The first was bubble wrap painting.  I let Kai paint bubble wrap in bright colors and then we took green construction paper and pressed it onto the bubble wrap.  It leaves little bright colored circles.  I put a piece of paper at the top to make it a square of yellow.  Then I cut Christmas tree shapes out with star out of the yellow for the Christmas cards Kai is going to give to family.

The second art project was taking construction paper (red and white) and putting it in a cake pan with the opposite color paint.  I then let Destructo roll marbles around the cake pan to make lines.  I cut these out into candy cane shapes.  This was the inside of the card.  I am also going to let Destructo sign his first name to the cards.  I made five of these one for each set of grandparents, one for my grandma, and one for each of my sisters.

Finally, I let him paint all over a roll of brown packing paper.  I am going to use this to wrap the pictures that I framed from his professional pictures.  We are letting this be Kai's gift to the different family members.

Coming tomorrow in a blog post near you:  salt dough ornaments.  Or the mess that transpired when I attempted them.  Then the next day's post will be my road mat made from felt subtitled I will never attempt that again.