Monday, December 3, 2012

Mommy Intuition

The point to this post is never doubt your mommy intuition.  You truly know your child better than any other living soul.  All day Friday Kai was acting off and he didn't sleep well the night before nor did he nap well.  He wasn't even doing anything that I could put into words necessarily.  He was swallowing a little different and holding his head just differently than normal.  Then we went out to eat that evening and he behaved really well.  He was quieter than normal and ate well.  He even sat nicely in a high chair.  At that point, I was really worried as he is quite the spirited child.

Well lo and behold when we got home that evening, I discovered that he had a 102.2 temp.  I thought it would be one of those overnight and gone temps he has had before, but it wasn't.  He had a 102 temp and was listless and super sweet and cuddly.  (Yeah I had to add that to demonstrate the severity of the situation.  Destructo is the anti-cuddler.)  So I made a doctor appointment and gave him some Advil just to watch him bounce back and act totally fine.

Fast forward to when we take him to the doctor and he falls asleep on the way.  He then falls asleep in my arms while we wait.  I was very worried then since he never falls asleep in public at all.  It was found that he has his first (and hopefully only) ear infection.  Ammox was prescribed and we were sent on our way.
Waiting at the doc's office

I am so glad I trusted my mommy intuition because later that night his temp spiked to 104.1.  I would have been a nervous wreck if I hadn't known why it was so high and had to either decide to go to the ER or wait it out until Monday.

It has been a rough few days.  I am once again having to stay home from work which trust me I don't mind, but I am going to run out of sick time at this rate.  Destructo has only wanted mommy all the time day and night.  He wants to rock rock all day and night long until the Advil kicks in and then he is crazy, hyper need to burn all the energy that has accumulated from laying on me all day. The destruction is massive.  Then the fever creeps back up, rinse and repeat.
Rocking all night long (not like in my younger years)

If his fever isn't lower by tomorrow, I am bringing him back to the pedi.  I hope he wakes up after sleeping all night with no fever happy and healthy again.  I hate that he feels so bad.  He actually kept telling me his head was broke and even told the doctor this complete with grabbing his head for dramatic effect.  But boy is he smart because that was the side he had the infection on.  I was a proud mama.

Long story short, trust your mommy intuition and ear infections blow.  I am one tired momma.
I am firmly in the no lovies at the table camp.  He is just so pitiful right now.  
Oh and since I am a researcher by nature, here are a few favorite links with info about ear infections.

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  1. ear infections are no fun!! hope he is completely well soon. Mommys have a 6th sense


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