Sunday, September 30, 2012

Destructo's first time at the ocean

Needless to say, he loved it and had zero fear of the water.  He didn't want to leave.  I am so excited for our first actual beach day since today is rainy.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Advice to Captain Destructo from Dinosaur Superhero

Hey, Dinosaur here from Dinosaur Superhero Mommy giving advice to Captain Destructo. My mommy posts about cleaning, cooking and organizing, and renewing her faith while taking care of a crazy Dinosaur...ME! I love my mommy but need to keep her on her toes and that's what I am going to help Destructo with today. If you have any advice to add on, let us know.

1. Don't let mommy ever tell you that you can't have cake. You do what you have to in order to GET THAT CAKE. I once climbed on a chair to score my prize. The most important part is bringing the cake back to a safe place to eat and making a HUGE mess. Eating it in just your diaper and shirt is even better.

2. Have a good hiding place. As an only child, I can't blame my terror on anyone else. I can only blame a few things on Balboa. So a good hiding place where mommy can't find you is important. See I bet you can't find me at all. By the time mommy finds you, she is so happy that she doesn't care what damage you did.

3. Everyone once in a while you MUST rip your room apart. This is my bedroom in our old house. I threw EVERYTHING on the floor, it was so much fun. There is nothing like a good day's work of havoc. I think it's time to rip up my new bedroom now...*evil dinosaur laugh*

4. When mommy really wants to take a good picture, move around and get the dog to help you. Then keep trying to jump off the couch. Wait till mommy gives up and is almost crying, then that is when you sit still.

5. Be ready to attack anyone, anywhere. You must gain their trust and make them believe you are being a good boy, then go in for the kill. Sure you get yelled at, but we MUST keep them on their toys, it's our job as boys.

6. ALWAYS make a mess when eating. Sure mommy gives me wet rags to clean up, but making a mess is so much fun. It's even better when you make a mess and threaten to spread it all over mommy's  furniture.

7. Farts are funny and noisy. When you fart, stick your hand in your pants and ...either smell it, rub it on mommy, or get her to smell it. She will tell you that gentleman don't do that, but I say ROAAAAR. I'm a dinosaur NOT a gentleman, so smell my stinky fart mommy.

8. Rolling around like a crazy animal is vital to keeping up our destruction.

9. You must have a few cute faces that you rotate so you can get away with doing bad things. A cute face, smile and giggle can make a mommy's heart melt. She will automatically forget what you did, laugh, and hold you tight. It works even better if you dress up really silly.

Friday, September 28, 2012

All my Bags are Packed....

I'm leaving.  And now I have Armageddon movie stuck in my head.

And who am I kidding, my bags aren't packed.  I am more in the house is a disaster and I have piles of stuff everywhere.

So for those who are traveling with toddlers for a week long vacation at the beach, what would you pack?  Comment away and list things I should make sure to remember.

I have bought a few new small toys and books for Destructo that he won't get to see until we are in the car.  It is about an eight hour drive.  Sob.  I also got him a Wiggles DVD and a trucks/planes/trains DVD for at the condo (and if needed in the car on the laptop if I get desperate.)  I plan on having snacks  and drinks readily available as well.

And for the blog, I have a number of guest posts lined up and will maybe post once or twice myself.  I plan on keeping up with comments and emails though.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cohosting the Weekend Wonders blog hop

If you missed this week's features, you can see them here and here.

One of my *favorite* parts about blogging is all of the amazing creativity out there in blogland! I'm so excited to see what everyone shares! Plus, since I'm co-hosting this link party, everything you share here will also be shared over at The Thriftiness Miss

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Remedies for low milk supply

Anyone who has been following this blog, knows that I struggled with low milk supply a lot when Destructo was small. (See this post for my breastfeeding journey.)   I got a case of mastitis when Kai was a month old and nursing had just started going well.  This caused my supply to tank completely just when I had finally started getting my supply to where it needed to be to keep up with Kai.  I ended up having to supplement with about 20 oz of formula at that time.

But it was a learning experience and thus here is what I recommend for low milk supply?

1) Fenugreek.  You can take a maximum dosage of 4 pills, 4 times per day and that is just what I did.  It makes everything, sweat, pee, skin smell like maple syrup.  Gag.  But it works really well at increasing milk supply.

2)  In combination with fenugreek, I took Blessed Thistle.  The maximum dosage is 3
 pills, 3 times per day and that is what I took.  This supplement helps increase the fat content of the milk.  I took both of these at the max doses for about two months and then I weaned off them completely with no decrease in supply.

3)  Steel cut oats are best, but any kind of non instant oatmeal can help.  I ate a bowl of oatmeal nearly every morning.

4)  Water, water, water.  Stay well hydrated.

5)  Rest when you can.  I always noticed a dip in supply when I had gotten a particularly rough night of sleep.

6) Mother's Milk Tea.  This tea wasn't horrible tasting, but wasn't my favorite.  I am not sure I think it helped a huge amount since it is just easier to take the fenugreek and blessed thistle, but I would use it as a pick my supply up occasionally when I was on my period.

7)  Lactation cookies.  You can buy them premade or bake them yourself.

8)  Power pumping.  20 minutes on, 20 minutes off for an hour.  This always helped me immensely.

9)  There are also prescription drugs that can increase milk supply.  I really don't know anything about these though, so you would have to talk to your doctor on that one.

Here are some links that I found helpful:

What tips do you guys have for moms wanting to increase their milk supply?

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top Ten Newborn Necessities

It can be a daunting task to sort out which newborn items you really need and which ones you can live without.  Last week I did a post about the top newborn items that I found were wastes of money (see here.)  So this week I figured I would focus on the top ten things I could not live without when Destructo was little.

1) Fisher-Price Cradle 'N Swing, My Little Snugabunny  This was invaluable.  Destructo would not sleep flat for the first nearly six months of his life.  He also refused to sleep in his crib or the bassinet part of our pack n play.  He would only sleep in our arms and in his swing. Speaking of sleep, here is a post about baby sleep necessities.) I loved that this swing plugged in so no expensive batteries to buy.  It was soft and cozy and had two different recline settings.  It was very quiet which was nice since he slept in our room for three months.  It also played different nature sounds and had a mobile that he loved watching.  I highly recommend this swing.  (My second choice for swing is Fisher-Price Cradle n Swing, My Little Lamb.  My parents had this at their house and I really liked it as well.  It wasn't as quiet and was run on batteries, but it had a toy tray that the other one didn't that Kai loved to play with.)

Doesn't he look cozy?
2)  Pacifiers.  Destructo had a huge urge to suck.  Heck even in our ultrasound pictures he was sucking on the umbilical cord.  I loved the GumDrop Newborn Pacifier.  They were all one piece which I felt was safer than the two piece kinds and all the bad things free (BPA, etc.)  He took to them right away and is still using them today.  You know because I am a Crappy Mom.
Big paci

3) Newborn Gowns.  These were amazing for middle of the night diaper changes after those late night feedings.  You just pulled them up, changed the diaper, and pulled them back down.

4) Graco Snugride 35 Infant Car Seat.  This car seat worked for Destructo until nearly 15 months.  He was a skinny, tall little thing.  (See this post for more info on car seats I liked.)

5) HoMedics Soundspa.  White noise is your friend when you have a newborn, trust me.  Bonus, I still use this daily at nearly 17 months old to block out noise when Destructo is sleeping.

6)  Bumgenius X-Small Diapers.  These were the newborn cloth diapers that I ended up loving and the ones that worked the best by far.  (Check out a post with reviews for all the other newborn cloth diapers we tried here.)

7)  Aden + anais Muslin Swaddle Wrap.  I didn't use these for swaddling, but they were useful for everything else under the sun.  I used this as my nursing cover, to shade Destructo from the sun, to cover him in cool restaurants and stores, as a sun shade in the car.  These were awesome!

8)  Summer Infant Swaddleme Organic Cotton.  These were awesome for this mommy who can not swaddle to save her life.

9)Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump.  If you read my Breastfeeding Journey post, you know I had latch issues with Kai and exlusively pumped for the first couple weeks.  Obviously I needed a good pump and I loved this one (well as much as you can love something you detest.)  I also was a working mom and had to pump twice a day and this did the job efficiently and well.

10) Boppy Bare Naked Pillow.  This was so important when I was trying to figure out how to get Kai to nurse properly and made life so much easier after we had gotten good at nursing.  I could easily nurse him and have my hands free for Internet play.  (For more breastfeeding essentials, see here.)

What newborn items were must haves for you guys?

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Monday, September 24, 2012

If Given a Free Day

If you were given a day off from work, children, household duties, husbands needs, etc what would you do? 

I think my ideal day would go something like this.  I would sleep until I woke up on my own.  Knowing myself this would still be early, but wouldn't it be so nice to wake up to silence.  No alarm clock, no screaming baby, no pets needing to go out or be fed.

I would enjoy a leisurely breakfast that was the right temperature and consistency.  No cold tea or mushy cereal or cold, rubbery eggs.

I would take a long, hot shower.  So long in fact that my hot water heater ran out.

I would go to Sonic and get a route 44 cherry coke.  And I would drink it will in plain view of the world.  No hiding in the corner of the kitchen because obviously I can't share my guilty pleasure with Destructo.

I would go down to my friends house and spend a good half of the day riding horses with her and grooming them and giving them baths.  And in my perfect dream scenario, the horses would be perfectly behaved (hear that Simba???)  and the weather would be that perfect combination of not too cold or not too hot.  Oh and I would feed Simba all the cookies in the world since he is the last combination to my beautiful mare, Ellie.

When I got home, I would take another hot shower just for the heck of it.

I think then I would take my dog to the lake.  Ladybug used to be like my child until Destructo came along.  Now she kind of gets the short end of the stick since it is hard to take both her and Destructo places.  We would go bird watching for a few hours.  Who knows maybe I would even spot a bird that I have never seen before.   Oh and I would invite Mr. Destructo to go to and maybe he would even oblige me and take me on a canoe ride.

Then Mr. Destructo and I would go out to eat at the local Japanese Hibachi restaurant that we never eat at.  That place is awesome, but expensive.

I would get home just in time to give Kai his goodnight story and kisses before bed.

Then I would eat Ben and Jerry's half baked ice cream, drink a glass of lemon drop wine, and go to bed early and actually immediately fall asleep since this is a dream scenario. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why are you Proud of your Child?

Every mom is proud of her child.  It is like part of the mommy pre-reqs.  We are all proud for the gross motor skills milestones they hit.  My child was walking at 10.5 months.  Or my child rolled over from belly to back at 5 weeks to the dot and continues to do it after.

Parents brag about the vocal skills the child has.  Destructo is already saying 35+ words and can put them together in 2-3 word sentences.  He know some animal sounds and can identify body parts.  Parents are proud of their child's artistic abilities or their sports awesomeness.  Maybe you are super proud of school grades or social skills.

But what are some of the less thought of things that just make you a proud, proud mama (or daddy if I have any of those reading?)

A few things that make me so very proud of Destructo are the fact that he closes the barn doors of his play barn at night.  I am an animal science major and owned a horse for many years.  I would love nothing more than to own a farm one day so to me this is awesome that Kai goes over and makes sure all his animals are safely closed in the barn at night.

Speaking of animals, I am so proud of Kai for being such an animal lover.  He is a boy after my own heart.  He also seems to be quite interested in birds recently and I am quite the bird lover as well.  This makes me so proud of him when he points out a bird he hears singing in the tree and says quack (because you know all birds says quack.)

I am super proud of the fact that on days when my kid eats, he loves broccoli, peas, and lima beans.  I am also proud of the fact that my child absolutely loves mexican food.  Especially white cheese dip.  This means that momma gets to eat there more since it is the one restaurant Kai almost always eats well at.

But the thing I truly am the most proud of is when I ask him to pray, he folds his little hands.  I know he doesn't totally get it yet because the promptly starts eating after this before we are even done praying, but still.  I am hoping this is the start of learning how to pray as a family and by himself.

So what are the unconventional things that your child does that you are proud of?

Oh and I forgot to include when we are watching football and he hears the words touchdown and throws his hands up in the air.  I am super proud then.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crappy Parenting at it's Finest

I was inspired by a post over at Life with Levi.  She posted a picture about how we are all different as moms, but we should all respect each other's choices and know that as long as you love your child that is really all that matters.  Too often I see mommy wars started over personal choices all mommies are forced to make.  I have been guilty of having judgemental thoughts myself.  But I do try really hard to not do this.

Of course I think my choices are the best ones (at least when it comes to Destructo.)  Otherwise I probably would have chosen differently.  But just because they are best for me doesn't necessarily mean they are best for Jane Doe and Jane Jr.  We need to stop the mommy wars and do our best to support each other.  Parenting is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.  I don't need other people second guessing my decisions.  I second (and third and fourth) guess myself every single day.

Without further ado, I am a crappy mother.  My kids will undoubtedly need therapy.

I cloth diaper.  But I also use bleach free disposables when the mood strikes me.

I breastfed for the first year, but didn't stop there.  

I don't know when I plan to stop nursing Destructo.  I guess when he decides he is done or it is no longer working for me.

Destructo was circumcised.  This is what Mr. Destructo and I felt was best for him.  I cried when they took him, but would do it again if I had to.

He is vaccinated on time and according to my pedi's schedule.  I hate getting him his shots.

He has received a flu shot and will again this year.  

He is still rear facing and will be until who knows when.  

He will be in a five point harness until he hits the weight limit.

I don't really plan on spanking my children.

I don't cook dinner every night, but we eat every night.

Sometimes I use cookies as bribes.

I don't brush his teeth twice a day (or sometimes even once a day on the bad days.)

I teach him about God.  

Some days I yell, some days I cry.  Most days I apologize for both.

I kiss and hug him every day.

I do not plan on letting Destructo have soda anytime soon.

I try my best to limit his sugar intake.

We don't eat all organic (although I try my best to get organic stuff.)

My son has a paci.

My son also has a lovie that I have no intentions of ever taking away.  I still have my childhood blanket.

We don't always get dressed on days we are staying home.

I use medicine if needed.

I skipped purees and did baby led solids.

We try to let Kai stay on a baby led schedule.

Pizza is one of Destructo's favorite foods.

I have breastfed in public.

I get cranky when he wakes up before 7 AM when it is one of my days off work.  I am selfish when it comes to my sleep needs.

I don't disinfect toys and paci's don't get sterilized as much as they probably should.

I use natural cleaners when I can, but still use store bought at times.  (With this said, as I run out I am switching to all homemade ones to save money and have less chemical load in our house.)

I research every decision thoroughly since I am a researcher by nature.

My son has a baby doll (that he uses to run over with his trucks eye roll.)

My child has had McDonalds.

I drink plenty of caffeine while nursing.  Hmm my son doesn't sleep well.....

We have done Ferber.  I don't really want to do it again, but will if necessary.

My house is a cluttered mess.

I don't get to do as many crafts with Destructo as I would like.

But we have fun when we do have time for crafts.

I still haven't let Destructo stay the night away from me and don't know when I will.

I really hate plastic toys and prefer toys not made in China.

I want to be more "crunchy" than I currently am and plan to try more things as my New Year's resolution.

I am a working mom, but wish I stayed at home.

I wish my child liked TV a bit more so I could cook dinner without tripping over him.

I tell my child I love him numerous times each and every day.

And in the end, isn't loving your child more than life itself really the only important choice?  I might not be a great mom.  Heck I know I am not up for mother of the year anytime soon.  But every day I try.  And when I fail, I apologize to Kai and we move on.  I really hope 30 years from now when Destructo looks back on his childhood he won't dwell on whether I used cloth or disposable diaper or whether I breastfed or used formula and just remember the love and fun times we shared.  I know that is what I will remember.  

So my lovely readers, what are your mommy failings?  What do you find yourself most judged for?

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday-- Lemon Head

Yummy lemons

He has my taste buds for sure

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10 Most Useless Newborn Items

1)  Infant hairbrush.  When you are born with no hair, you have no need for a hairbrush.  My baldie boy didn't have enough hair to need to be brushed for months.
No hair for my hair brush.  Who can name that tune?

2)  Mittens.  I tried to use these when he was scratching the crap out of his face, but he would just suck on them anytime his hands were free and get them all wet and cold.  It was much easier to just swaddle him with his hands in a lot of the time.  This also kept him calm and helped him to sleep a little bit better.

3)  Cute baby shoes.  As adorable as they were on him, baby shoes served no actual purpose.
I'm a Cowboy Baby.  Anybody want to name that tune as well?

4)  Bottle warmer.  This was useless to me as I breastfed and even when I gave him bottles, it was just easier to heat it in warm water.  (I used Playtex nursers with the liners so they heated very fast in warm water.)  I really liked this bottle warmer though and if I had formula fed, it probably would have been a lot handier.

5)  Pack n play.  Since Destructo only slept in his swing for the first six months of his life, this was useless.  We do use this anytime we travel and occasionally for a ball pit though so not a total waste.  I have a feeling I am going to love it on vacation in two weeks.

Destructo in his ball pit jail

6)  Flannel receiving blankets.  They were just too small for me to do much with.  When I do use them, I would use them as burp rags.  (Side note, theAden by aden + anais swaddle blankets are well worth every penny they cost but that is in a post to come.)

7)  Crib bedding set.  Completely useless, but I don't regret getting it.  I put the quilt on the back of my rocking chair and it looks pretty.  I do love the matching lamp.  I also use the sheet and changing pad cover regularly.  Stay tuned for a Flashback Friday with pics from Destructo's nursery hopefully this Friday.

8)  Small drool bibs.  They were just useless.  Destructo wasn't a very drooly baby even when teething.  Plus they are too small for eating.  But they were cute so I guess they served some purpose.

Chick Magnet

9)  Rocking chair.  I have a Shermag glider with a matching ottoman.  It is the single most useful thing I have right now.  But the first six plus months of his life, I almost never used it at all.  So I recommend getting one, but it isn't anything you need to have immediately at the baby's birth.  (Oh and Babies R Us has them on Black Friday sales for 149 and I love the Shermag brand.)

10)  Bumbo and other seats like it.
He just never liked sitting in it very much.  I loved it at the daycare when I had multiple babies to take care of at once, but with just Destructo, I never really used it much.

So what items did you guys find totally useless when your babies were newborns?  Be on the lookout next Tuesday for the top ten newborn items I most highly recommend.

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