Thursday, January 3, 2013

Couch to 5K-- Goal one of my New Year's Resolution

 I decided to start running again back in October.  I used to run way back when I was in college for a few years and have always enjoyed it.  Add to that the insult I got when someone congratulated me on being pregnant again (I'm not) and I had some motivation.  I started kind of spur of the moment on October 15th when I had just had enough of hating the way I look post pregnancy while out on a walk with Destructo.

It has been a slow go as I am jogging with the stroller and the dog and I don't normally get home until 4-4:30 so with the time change, I can't always go out like I want to and we really don't have room for a treadmill.  And throw in the fact that between Kai and I, we can't stay healthy since the beginning of November.  But I am slowly making progress.  I haven't lost a whole lot of weight yet (which is okay because I am not overweight really at all just out of shape.)  But I can tell my fitness level is really growing.  The first week I struggled to jog 60 seconds, now I am can easily jog 8-10 (which is nearly a mile) minutes at a time.

Edited to add:  And last night I jogged 22 minutes (2 1/4 miles give or take) with only two walking stops once for about 15 seconds to catch my breath and once just because I didn't want to muddify my awesome shoes when I hit a muddy spot on the path.) Did I mention I did this while waiting to have a tire patched in 34 degree cold?  I was a proud proud runner.

I am going to be running my first 5K at the end of the month.  I don't think I will be able to actually run the entire thing, but I hope to be able to run at least half of it before having to walk a bit and then being able to jog the second half of it.  Or maybe I will surprise myself and be able to jog the entire thing.  That would be a happy surprise.  We shall see.  I will be sure to update you guys on how it goes.

So here are my tips for success in C25K:
1)  Get a good pair of running shoes.  I have Asics on the recommendation of a close friend (who has been invaluable in my running journey) and really like them.
Aren't they bright and pretty?

2)  Download an app that times your intervals, maps your route, etc for you.  It is easier to stay motivated when you can look back at your stats and see improvement.  I use Run Double.  I also post each workout to Facebook.  People like it and I get even more motivated to keep up.

3)  Have awesome music while you run or something else to keep you motivated.  I am kind of curious to check out the zombie run said friend mentioned.

4)  The first day you will be super sore.  I haven't been sore since.  It really builds up strength and endurance slowly.

5)  Don't stare at the scale.  I was frustrated at first because I was actually gaining weight, but it made sense once my friend explained it to me.  Your body starts holding on to fat because it is like what the crap are you doing and is in a state of shock that you are actually exercising.  Awesome medical advice huh? 

6)  If you are really struggling at a certain workout, don't move on to the next.  I have repeated entire weeks before rather than push myself.  It seems to be paying off as I am feeling more and more strong while running and am able to go longer distances.

7)  Don't let yourself make excuses.  I  could make an excuse about why I shouldn't run every single day if I let myself.

8)  Have a good carby snack before.  I really like granola bars.  Bring water while you jog.  I get super thirsty especially if it is warmer out.

9)  Don't stare at your phone as you jog counting down the seconds until that particular interval is over.  I do so much better when I just get into a rhythm. 

Here are a few links that I really like:   This is the new blog of the friend I mentioned above. He is a great writer and has lost a ton of weight (which is still weird for me when I see him since he was always bigger.)  This has a chart with all the weeks worth of workouts for C25K.

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  1. I wish I could do some kind of exercise. My goal is to start twice a week some cardio workout with my good friend Bob Harper (he is not really my friend in real life) DVD. We'll see how it goes! Good luck on your first 5k!!!

  2. Thanks for the kind words. :) And don't forget that you have to periodically change running shoes, too. I have about 350 miles on my current pair, and the most common idea is to replace them every 500 or so. (Really, it's up to you, but when your feet start to hurt, get new ones ASAP. Most runners don't want to wait that long.) I'm running in ASICS Gel-Nimbus 13s right now, but plan on going for the 14s when I replace mine in a month or so.

    And one thing I've heard--but not learned--is how a decent rest-day regimen of strength training helps, too. I haven't really started doing weights yet, but I have myself a new pull-up bar and 10, 15, and 25lb dumbbells around the house, too, that I intend to start using before my push for lean muscle in the summer.

    Keep it up! You're an inspiration to keep me going.

    1. BJ is wise. Now if I can just figure out a good way to keep up with the miles I put on my shoes. Hmmm....

  3. you should look for the app called fitradio. I just found it a few days ago and have yet to try it on my walks around our block(its super rainy and cold the past few days!)but it lets you pick playlists by genre and if you don't like the songs you can skip to the next list. good luck girlie!

    1. I use Pandora on my phone when I run. My favorite station is Darude's song Sandstorm. They are all super upbeat and actually cause me to run a bit faster.


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