Friday, January 18, 2013

Flashback Friday-- Destructo's First Birthday Party

For Destructo's first birthday party, he told me he wanted a Kentucky Derby themed party.  You know since his birthday is so close to the Kentucky Derby.  In fact, I was in labor on Derby day (and three other days gag.)  My wonderfully creative mother happily (more or less since it was definitely not her first, second, third theme choice) obliged me.

So without further blathering on my part here is Destruto's first birthday in photo form.  I did mention I am a huge horse racing fan right?  Oh and the super crappy part was we had even more plans than we were able to do since Mr. Destructo fell off a 10 foot ladder at work when it fell out from under him.  He suffered a dislocated elbow, fractured wrist, and concussion a day before Kai's party so I was at the hospital with him all the next day.  He missed most of Kai's party.  Hence the reason there aren't many pics of Kai.  

Racetrack with cupcake infield.  And yes Secretariat is winning the race by 31 lengths even if they are going the wrong direction which both me and my dad pointed out to my mom. 
Homemade party favors

Plates and napkins (bought off Amazon)

Kai's racehorse named Captain Destructo complete with saddle cloth and blanket of roses 

Baby Jockey

Full jockey outfit

He was so tired and not sure about the cake at all.  (And yes it was a healthier alternative haha.)

He screamed and cried and refused to try it until I put a taste in his mouth.

In a cake coma

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