Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Funny Destructoisms

1)  We were at Toys R Us the other night.  He barged past a lady rather rudely.  I corrected him and told him he needs to say "Excuse me" next time.  He stops, turns back around, looks right at me, and says "Beep, beep" and barges past her again.  She laughed and I wanted to die of embarrasment at my rude kid.

2)  While at the same store, Destructo ran away from me.  This is only funny now after nearly a week and him being completely fine.  I was scared to death at the time.  Anyways he was walking beside me.  Normally when we shop he stays in the cart or I hold his hand the whole time.  But he had been with Mr. Destructo and then followed me and I had a shopping basket in my hands and his diaper bag so I was letting him walk beside me without holding him.  He was mad because I told him he couldn't have a fruit pouch until we found daddy and got in the car. 

I saw Sam two aisles up so we were walking that way and I glanced at a toy on an end cap for ten seconds.  Destructo took off.  I thought he had ran up to Mr. Destructo so I walked that way.  When I realized he wasn't there, I took off to find him (calmly might I add since I knew panicking wouldn't help.)  Found him at the front door waiting for us and yelling daddy daddy.  When I told him he wasn't listening and we do NOT run away, he looked at me and said pouch with a frowny face.  Boy thought since I was mean and wouldn't let him have one until we were in the car, he would just wait for us at the door.  

3)  Anytime anyone asks Destructo what his name is he replies with either Baby but more and more Daniel.  His name isn't Daniel in any way, shape, or form.  He just really likes Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

4)  At church Sunday, he got away from me and made it half way up the middle aisle to the altar before I caught him.

5)  At church when the priest raised his arms for the final blessing, Destructo screamed out "TOUCHDOWN!!!" loudly.  

6)  At my 5K the other day, I opened the car door not realizing how close Destructo was and bonked him in the head with it.  He was silent for a second, and then screamed "Why?????" before he started sobbing.  Way to make the momma feel guilty.

7)  When Mr. Destructo made Kai's remote controlled truck crash into his train, Destructo also screamed "Why?" and started sobbing while hysterically trying to beat the truck up.  Obviously he is protective of his trains.  Remind me not to take him to a monster truck rally anytime soon.

8)  He absolutely refused to let me send a picture of him to his Auntie Kara.  He only wanted it sent to Auntie Dayna.  He is so opinionated already.

9)  He also has opinions on which diaper he wears.  I have noticed he likes the red one a lot.  But tonight he picked owls and kept saying "Whooo, whooo" the whole time he was wearing it.

10)  He makes truck noises to correspond with what type of truck their are.  Cement mixers say mix mix.  Dump trucks say dummmpppp.  School buses say beep beep.  Monster trucks say honk honk.  It is quite funny.

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  1. LOL ~ these are hilarious. It's great what kids do!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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