Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh Destructo

Destructo likes to watch an episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood in the mornings when he first wakes up. I guess it is like his morning cup of coffee or something.  I am okay with this because it allows me to make his breakfast without him climbing my leg the entire time.  This morning breakfast was ready and I called for him and was met with ignoring.

I went into the living room where he was sitting in the recliner and got on his level and whispered "Destructo breakfast is ready.  Come eat." since talking in a normal tone of voice wasn't working.  He whispered right back without taking his eyes of the TV "No."  All right then.  I died laughing and let him finish his morning fix before I forced him to come eat.

This is also the same little boy who a few nights back checked the dog for "junk" and asked if Daddy and Mommy had "junk."  I don't know if I should be horrified that I have said would you get your hands off your junk because you are getting poop everywhere while changing diapers enough that he actually learned it or if I should be amazed that he is  smart enough to associate girls/boys based on if they have junk or not.  Oh parenting.  It sure is a funny ride.


  1. oh laughing...that is great babe. Isn't funny and sad how these sweet boys get these ideas.

    1. It is such a fun ride. And a bumpy ride and a make you want to rip your hair out ride or cry over the love you have for these little souls ride. :)


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