Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh My Garden

I am thinking about my garden.  I love to garden.  I attempt organic gardening (and sometimes it works!)  I keep getting all the plant catalogs in the mail and thus far I wasn't excited about it.  Since Destructo was born, my garden has been on a steady decline into nothingness.  Last year I finally got my plants in the ground the end of June (which is nearly two months too late for a lot of them.)  I got tons of tomatoes, but not much of anything else.

I am going to get an earlier start this year. Do you hear that Mr. Destructo if you are reading this?  Fire up the tiller.  I have the gardening bug already.   I just have to figure out how to balance keeping Destructo from destructoizing my garden while still allowing him to play outside while I work in it (or else I won't get to work in it.)  I am hoping that he will be old enough to actually help a little bit this year or at least understand we don't stomp all over plants which is what he seemed to enjoy last year.

I have always had great luck with tomatoes which is shame since Destructo won't eat them and I don't like them.  But typically I have good luck with cucumbers as well.  Our yard has a privacy fence on three sides and a chain link fence across the back.  I hated it when we moved in, but love it now since I can grow beans and cucumbers up it.  I have had zero luck with green peppers and won't even bother planting them this year since in three years of having a garden, I have had 2 very small peppers.

Early vegetables will be sugar snap peas and carrots.  Heck I might even go crazy and do some broccoli this year.  Oh and spinach in pots since it does well.  Then the summer veggies I know I will plant are tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini squash, green beans, maybe an eggplant or two, maybe an okra plant since it loves my garden.  I will probably try my hand at birdhouse gourds and decorative mini pumpkins as well since I can grow them up one side of my fence as well.

Then I also have a strawberry bed that is much neglected, but hopefully I can get all the weeds out before they start growing again and then get the black plastic down around the plants.  I also have two blueberry bushes, but they have never done much and a raspberry bush that I have to learn about fertilizing since it has taken off.  Oh and we have an apple tree, peach tree, and plum tree and two pomegranate bushes.  Oh and figs.  But we don't like figs so they feed the birds.  (The people before us planted them.)

I am also going to research an herb garden.  Mr. Destructo really likes to cook with fresh herbs.  But they are so expensive.  I just have to figure out a good place for them to grow.  I am not sure of their requirements, but this is nothing I can't figure out before spring time.

The thing I won't be doing this year is starting my own seeds.   I love doing this and that was the healthiest best garden I ever had.  But they took up a lot of room inside and I can't see Destructo leaving them alone so I am pretty sure it wouldn't work anyways.  I will just buy my plants until he is bigger.
Source  Oh how I wish my garden was that pretty

So those are my plans for the garden this year.  Do you guys garden?  What do you have in your garden?

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  1. I have tried many vegetables, but like you, tomatoes always grow and produce. Our favorite are cherry tomatoes :)


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