Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sprout Change Training Pants Review

Sprout Change trainer

Inside of the trainer

I was sent a pair of Sprout Change training pants from The Willow Store to review.  I have to say I really like these trainers.  They are made with organic cotton and hemp and are very soft on the inside.  The outer is PLU.  They are also adjustable to fit your child from 20-50 lbs which I didn't realize at first and was like geez the fit of these is horrible.  Yeah I can also attest to the awesome customer service when they explained just how to adjust them.  Now they fit very well even on my very tall and skinny little man.  You can even adjust these while the child is wearing them!
This is the little snap on the side that I missed.  You unsnap it and can get to the elastic to adjust the trainer.

Destructo has regressed and isn't showing any interest in potty training now.  But when he wore these and would pee in them he felt wet more so than in his normal diapers because he would run to the potty and want to sit on it every single time he wore these.  I also never had a single leak with these even though we are basically using them like a diaper so I know once he is actually potty training, I will feel comfortable using these while we are out and about.

I think he will easily be able to pull these up and down by himself, but could not get him to demonstrate this for me.  So you will just have to take my word for it.  Destructo is a stubborn one as you all know.  I do like that these have snaps in case of poop accidents.  I hated having to have kids step out of dirty underwear more than anything when I worked in daycare because it always  made such a mess everywhere.

These trainers come in a number of color choices and also have the organic option (which is what I reviewed) and the stay dry option.  I highly recommend you try them out if you are looking for a good reusable training pant option.

Yeah he was refusing to model the diaper and just wanted treats 

Disclosure:  I was given a pair of the Sprout Change training pants for free to review and keep.  I was not paid to review them and all opinions are honest and my own.    See my full disclosure policy tab for more information.

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  1. I had never even thought about trying to find reusable training pants. Awesome idea, truly! Thanks for sharing and I'm off to go check these out...


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