Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ten Things Destructo Does that Make me Irate

Toddlers have a unique talent of making their parents totally irate but at the same time being so darn cute that somehow they get away with it.  I guess this was God's design.  Well played God.  Well played.  Destructo is no different.  I regularly have to hide my smile behind a hand while I put my angry eyes on.  
He is lucky he is cute!

Here are the top ten things he does that make me so angry that I want to scream or maybe just drown my sorrows in a big old glass of wine.  Blackberry of course.

1)  He does this spitting noise when he doesn't like something or someone.  He isn't actually spitting.  Just making a spitting sound to express his extreme displeasure or dislike of something.  He does it 1000 times a day.  We tell him it is nasty and we don't do that, but he ignore me and does it anyways.

2)  He hits when he doesn't get his own way or he gets mad.  I hate hitting.  I especially hate getting hit by a pint sized hellion at least 35 times a day.  Okay that is a bit of an exaggeration, but still.

3)  Occasionally he bites.  Mainly me.  Rarely other people.  I am sporting a nice bruise on my arm from where he bit me.  He knows he isn't supposed to because as soon as he comes out of time out he is saying gentle, gentle and showing me gentle hands.  But he still does it.  Luckily this is only a once or twice a week thing unlike the hitting.

4)  He tortures the dog and then gets mad when she jumps up and he falls or when she barks at him.  We are constantly showing him how to pet her gently but he is a toddler and impulse control is not his strong point.  He is darned lucky we have a great dog who is willing to put up with a lot of his crap.

5)  He doesn't eat well.  This one is maddening to me.  He won't eat dinner, but is hungry so he will spend the next hour until bedtime begging for treats and snacks.  No you don't get treats when you didn't touch a bit of healthy food.  Plus I really hate fixing healthy meals for him when he refuses to eat.  Double plus it is super wasteful and that drives me doubly crazy.

6)  When he asks to do something and I am going to let him, but don't move quick enough and he starts throwing a massive temper tantrum.  Well then I can't do what he asked.  I have to listen to him scream and kick and throw things for ever until he calms down enough because I can't reward bad behavior.

7)  When he talks loudly in church.  This happens every Sunday.  He can whisper.  He just doesn't.

8)  When he makes epic messes with things he isn't supposed to play with.  Baking soda would be the one I am thinking of at the moment.  (Stay tuned to a Wordless Wednesday near you tomorrow for visual proof of this one.)

9)  When I walk in the door from work and he immediately starts throwing a temper tantrum and screaming for no reason.  He does this a lot.  I am sure it is because he has missed me all day and is just acting out because I am home.  But it still drives me crazy.

10)  When he cries for entire car rides only changing it up to make loud fire truck sounds.  He is actually a fairly good car traveler, but every once in awhile we just have a horrible trip where my nerves are shot by the end of it.  

So what do your children do that drives you absolutely crazy and/or makes you so angry?

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  1. Evan isn't a toddler anymore but he still throws tantrums from time to time. I HATE it. Him and I both really emotional so if one of us is tired or a little off things get ... crazy. We are learning to take deep breaths and count to 5. lol

  2. Aww, I know how you feel! Troy's just entering his toddler phase, and he'll scream when he's frustrated, no matter where we are. Gone are the days of taking him to restaurants - at least for awhile!

    1. Yeah we have pretty much resigned ourselves to the Mexican restaurant by our house since they treat Kai like a king and the waitresses will even take him up front to let us eat if he is acting up. I love them so much! Haha

  3. just wait until the "why? why? why?" aauuughhh!!!!

  4. OMG...Dino does the spitting and hitting thing too. We make him take a time out int he bathroom(his room is too much fun)...which makes him angrier...but I refuse to let him spit at me or hit me.

    I am sorry I never responded to your email babe...I've been so crazy busy. I would love to host your post babe in response to Dino's advice.

    1. I will try to work on that post in the next few weeks. Life has been crazy busy here as well. I barely have time to blog.

  5. This post actually made me feel much better. My son does at least half of these things too. So you aren't alone. The hitting is what is driving me most insane right now. Just stop putting your hands on me.

    1. Do you ever feel like if you get touched one more time that day you are going to scream? At least we have company in our misery. Haha


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