Monday, February 18, 2013

First Real Conversation with Destructo

So while we were driving this past week, Destructo and I were chatting.  Nothing abnormal there.  But for once I wasn't just talking to him and maybe getting one word answers back.  Here is a transcript of said convo:

Me:  Destructo do you know who is watching you tomorrow?

Destructo:  Grammmaaaa

M:  No, grandpa is coming tomorrow.

D:  Dada wook (work).   Mama wook.  Monk come.  (Monk is what he calls my dad.  My dad always called him monkey so Kai teasingly started calling my dad Monk.  We told my dad he better think long and hard about nicknames for future kids.)

D:  Monk Baby Bye Bye.  Pizz (pizza).  Teets (Treats.) 

Mr. Destructo and I sat there through Destructo's whole speech amazed at just how much he was able to say.  He told us exactly how his Thursday was going to go.  Isn't it amazing how quickly kids go from a handful of words to talking in small sentences?   I just love it.

Oh and to make a very destructive weekend (three things broken just yesterday) worth it, Mr. Destructo got Kai to say love you to me for the first time.  It sounds like lub ooo.  But still.  It is quite possibly the cutest and most sweet thing I have ever heard my entire life. 

Who wouldn't love that face?