Friday, February 1, 2013

First Snow

We finally got our first little bit of snow since Destructo was born.  We did have a slight dusting last year, but it wasn't even enough to mostly cover the ground.  Today we had a true dusting that covered the ground and even crunched when you walked on it.  I opened the blinds to Destructo's room this morning and told him I had something to show him.

He looked out and said, "Momma, white, white."  He was so excited about the snow which is funny since he doesn't actually know what snow is obviously.  So before we even ate breakfast we were out in the 20 degree weather playing in the snow.  I am glad now that I went out early since once the sun really started shining down, it melted very quickly.  
First time in the snow

The day quickly went down hill after that.  Destructo was in a non listening mood all day.  He painted my floors and when I corrected him he threw a paint brush at me.  Rinse and repeat all day.  Finally it was nap time.  I laid him down and tried to take a quick cat nap myself and of course he woke up super early.  He was then cranky all day.

He screamed for quite awhile because I couldn't conjure up a play date with a friends kid.  I had Mr. Destructo take him to the grocery store with him just to let Kai get out and he ran all over the place apparently.  (This kind of cracks me up since I grocery shop with Kai at least once a week and am well aware of how he acts.)  

Then the topping on the cake was when I went to the bathroom for literally one minute and Mr. Destructo was "watching" Destructo.  But his eyes must have been closed or something since he covered my rug in a huge mess.  Bonus points to anyone who can guess what this is!


  1. Replies
    1. Not baby powder! Haha here is a hint, it's edible.

  2. OH NO...what is that? is it flour or pancake mix? Love the rug though. he looks so cute in his snow suit.

    1. Haha snowsuit which is actually just a jacket and sweat pants. Nope not flour or pancake mix.


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