Saturday, February 9, 2013

So How are those Resolutions Going?

February edition

So in an attempt to hold me more accountable for my New Year's resolutions this year, I plan on updating you guys each month how things are going.  Maybe this will motivate me a little bit more.  

1)  Couch to 5K/ running.  This one is going the best of all.  As I said in this post, I successfully ran my first 5k in decent time and found out after that I was 35th out of 75 in my age group.  So I was happy.  My time could have been even better, but I didn't think I was going that fast and stopped to tie my jacket around my waist wasting time.  

I am still loving/hating running.  I love that I can see that I am getting in shape and can run without feeling like death now.  But I kind of hate motivating myself to run.  I overdid it last Sunday and haven't ran since and I have to go today but am sleepy and need to get cleaning done.  Bah.  But I will since I plan on doing three more 5K's before the year is up.

2)  Organizing my house-- This one was going great the first half of January and then I got super busy at work and on the weekends and I have slacked off since then.  FlyLady isn't going at all since I can't seem to keep up with the daily/weekly cleaning let alone decluttering.  I did use one of the other links and made a monthly cleaning schedule that I posted on my mirror so it would constantly be on my mind.  Yep I see it and feel guilty about what I am not doing.  

But I will say that I got my closet completely cleaned out and organized and donated two giant garbage bags of clothes we don't wear anymore to Goodwill and have another half bag started.  So I have gotten somewhere.  We also straightened a tiny bit in the office and I talked my hubby into taking out the ledge that I posted pics of here that are a hot spot for clutter.  If it isn't there, I can't clutter it and it will open up the living room into the dining room and probably make that area more functional as well.  Overall, I need to get back on this one but it isn't going horribly either.
New closet organizer.  I still need to get more canvas baskets to hide the stuff in the cubes.

Guitars are going to get hung on the wall.

3)  Blogging--  As you can see, I got the new blog design and love it.  It is pretty and more functional.  I love the social media buttons.  I have done fairly well sticking to my blogging schedule except on Thursdays.  I aim to post Monday through Thursday and then one extra post either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  Thursdays had become breastfeeding post day and since Destructo self weaned I just don't have as much to talk about.  I plan on figuring something out for that day though.  Any suggestions?

4)  Bible reading-- This one is hit or miss.  I do read something from the Bible every day so I guess that is a win, but I am still not devoting as much time as I would like to before bed.  Hopefully this improves this month.  I have just been so sleepy lately.

5)  Couponing--  This one is a complete and utter failure.  I haven't so much as clipped a single coupon this month.  This depresses me.  Oh wait I lied.  I did make it to Publix once last month.  Saved 50 some bucks. I win.  I succeed at life.  You know what made me realize that I had couponed.  The fact that we have Campbell's Chunky soup.  Haha.  I reuse to buy it for full price and Mr. Destructo loves it for his lunch.  Okay so this one isn't a complete failure, but it is close.

So how are you guy's doing in your New Year's resolutions?