Monday, February 4, 2013

We're Gonna Party like it's His Birthday

So Destructo is almost two.  That is right T-W-O!  That means that I will have been driven completely crazy and fallen madly in love with this little boy for nearly 24 whole months, 730 days, 104 weeks, 17,250 hours.  Okay you guys get the picture.
As you can see tigers  have made quite the impact on Destructo

I have been asking Kai what type of party he want and occasionally he says trucks, but nearly always says Dan Dan which is Destructo speak for Daniel  Tiger's Neighborhood.  This show  has become the most important thing in my child's life I am pretty sure.  In fact, if you were to meet me on the street and ask Destructo what his name was he would reply with Daniel.  Cute, but am I going to have to change his name legally???
Ughamughaing Daniel Tiger

So long story short Daniel Tiger birthday party it is.  Here are a few of my pinterest inspired ideas thus far.  You guys have any wonderful ideas you want to suggest for me?  This is a slightly hard theme because nothing is commercially available for this show yet since it is fairly new.

Tiger Striped cake

Tiger Stripe lanterns

Tiger Head balloons

Tiger tail pretzels

Daniel cupcakes

Second Birthday Daniel Tiger shirt

I also plan on ordering invites with Daniel Tiger on them from etsy and making the kids tiger tails and ears to wear.  Let's see if my mom and I can top last year's Kentucky Derby birthday party.  I know my mom also wants to make a cardboard play house that looks like the Tiger family's house.  Oh to have my mom's creativeness.


  1. cute ideas! I hope that all goes well.

    you could have someone come and make tiger balloon animals for the kids to take home?


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