Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10 Drinking Games Destructo Could Inspire

You know all the standard drinking games beer pong, spoons, flip cup.  I honestly haven't really played any of these except spoons, but I know they exist.  Oh wait never have I ever is another one I have actually played  Well here are some drinking games I have thought of inspired by Captain Destructo himself.
Okay so maybe I play pretty pretty princess when I drink

1)  Trains.  Every time your toddler says the word train or train tracks in a day, take a drink.  I kid you not, I would be drunk within thirty minutes of Kai waking up.  I hear train tracks at least 500 times a day.  Oh wait.  I would have alcohol poisoning.  Maybe that isn't the greatest drinking game.

2)  1,2,3 Magic  For every time your toddler counts back at you when you attempt to count them, take a drink.  Or ten.

3)  Hit the Dog  Every time you utter the words, please don't (insert an act of violence such as kick, hit, bite, etc) the dog take a drink.  Although I do have to say this one would be hit or miss here.  Sometimes he overwhelms the dog with love.

4)  Night awakenings.  This would have been my drinking game of choice in the first year of Kai's life. It might be on wake up or it might be five.  You just never knew.  He liked to keep us on our toes.

5)  Toddler beer pong.  Every time you get hit in the head with a flying ball chucked at you by your little darling, take a drink.  

6)  Toddler flip cup.  I am pretty sure this is what Destructo is aiming for with as many cups as he throws of the table during meals.  

7) Never have I ever.  This would be fun at a mommy party.  Instead of naughty never have I ever statements, it could be like never have I ever slept through the night since Destructo was born.  Or never have I ever hid in the closet to avoid being touched for five minutes.  Never have I ever eaten a Reeses egg in my car to avoid sharing.  You get the picture.

8)  Strip any game.  Mainly because toddlers seem to find being naked and stripping an art form.  Surely that could lead to a drinking game.  Oh wait strip poker is already a thing.  I guess I didn't invent this one.  haha

9)  Insert your toddler's favorite show name here.  Every time you hear a certain key word while watching that show you take a drink.  For example, in Daniel Tiger it could be every time you hear Daniel say helper tiger.  Or in Thomas, it could be every time he says ashes and cinders or useful engine.  

10)  No need for a game.  Having a toddler is reason enough to start drinking when you wake up and stop after your kid is in bed for the night.  (Okay I don't actually condone this.  I just understand why you might be compelled to do this after a year of raising a toddler.)

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