Saturday, March 2, 2013

Favorite Toys-- 1 1/2 year old edition

So when Destructo turned one, I did a post about his favorite toys.  I figured I should follow that up at a year and a half and am just now getting around to doing that.  Yay for life getting in the way.  Better late than never I suppose.

One of his very favorite toys is his 
Mega Block dump truck. He loves to dump the blocks over and over again.  He also quite inventively figured out he can ride on this truck if he flips the dump truck part up.

This is Thomas the train in the gold mine play set.  On black Friday we were at the store and Destructo literally picked this one out completely on his own and carried it to the register by himself.  He really loves it and you can add on it it and make elaborate train play sets.

Thomas and friends bath squirters are a hit at bath time in our house.  Although recently Thomas has become a not bath toy since Destructo kept taking him out of the tub over and over again.

This is a book that also has a story mat and 12 mini trains, helicopter, etc.  It has actually become our go to church toy since I was banned from letting Destructo bring anything with wheels because they kept falling down the folding chairs into the row behind us and disturbing everyone.  He loves this book/toy.  I am hoping to extend the love by only letting him see it at restaurants and church.

You guys notice a pattern starting to form here?  Destructo is absolutely, positively obsessed with trains at the moment.

Two bigger gifts he got at Christmas that he really likes are his kitchen set and his art easel.
  This isn't the one I wanted, but he loves it just the same.  Funny Destructo story, I told him we had to wash his hands.  He ran into the living room and washed his hands in his play kitchen.  Smart boy!

Painting a master piece with Uncle Andy

This has a chalkboard on the back side and the front side has a white board.  I love that it has those two options for when I am feeling lazy and don't want to let him get paint out and make a huge mess.  Then it has this art kit that I bought him to go with it.  It has a big roll of paper you attach to the middle of the easel which is convenient and an eraser, four big things of paint, a pack of chalk, and four paint brushes and paint cups.  I found another set last night at Essex for 12 bucks and bought it just to have more paint, chalk, and an eraser.
From the kitchen set, he loves this pizza play set.  I will forewarn you though it has a million pieces that get scattered everywhere.
 He also really likes this cookie set.  He plays forever sorting the cookies, putting them all in his play bowls, and putting them on the baking sheet.

  This is a floor puzzle alphabet train that Destructo likes doing with me.  I keep trying to get him interested in learning letters, but so far he only loves it because you guessed it, it is a train!  (Pardon the weird look on this link.  I could not get just the picture to work.)
 Finally Destructo is liking a toy that I am not positive that my hubby didn't just buy for himself.

 These are Hot Wheels wall tracks.  They actually attach to your wall and the cars do all kinds of cool tricks.  We have two sets so far but I am totally waiting to come home from work one day and find an entire wall of our house covered in them since Mr. Destruco seems to like them as much as Kai does.

There you have it.  Kai's favorite toys at a year and a half old.  A few honorable mentions go to toys I have mentioned in previous posts that are still hanging in his favorites now. He plays with all three of these nearly every day.  I love watching him with the shape sorter as he has really started to figure out how to get the shapes in the right holes.

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