Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ten Things Destructo Says that I Love

Destructo has really started talking in the past few weeks.  It amazes me to hear the words just come flying out of his mouth.  We are having to be so careful of what we say as well because he is quite the little parrot.
Here are my ten favorite things he says right now:

1)  Luvvvvv.  He will lay his head on me and say Mommma luvv.  Today it was LayeeeBug (Ladybug our dog) luvvv.  Melts my heart.  Of course his first spontaneous love was to the blue train we saw.  But hey, I guess he said it to me right after the blue train.  eye roll

2)  Baby yike.  He says this anytime he likes something, wants something, or something is the color yellow.  

3)  Yehyow.  It's truly his favorite color.  He wants a yellow train for his birthday.

4)  Dan Dan or Tom Tom referring to Daniel Tiger or Thomas the train.

5)  Monk for my dad's name.  My dad always called him monkey and so Kai started calling my dad Monk instead of grandpa.  It is too funny.  He even calls him big monk sometimes.

6)  Nope.  When we tell him it is bedtime, to clean up, or virtually any other thing he doesn't want to do sometimes he will just say nope very nonchalantly.  It amuses me even though it makes me irrate as well.

7)  We are attempting 1 2 3 Magic with him.  So we count by saying that's one, that's two.  He replies onenah and points at me, twoah.  Complete and utter disregard for our discipline method.

8)  Tohhhdowwwwwww.  Touchdown.  He says it a lot along with gooooooooollllll for goal.  He likes sports already.

9)  Road rage clear as day.  I told Mr. Destructo to calm down and that he had a serious case of road rage.  Clear as day from the backseat we hear "Dada road rage."  

10)  Bow tie.  I had no clue what he was saying when my sister called me at work to ask what bow tie meant.  When I got home he was still saying it and it was very similar to bow tie or boo tie.  That night as I read him Goodnight Moon he pointed out the window and said it again and the light turned on.  He was saying blue sky.  We had a particularly sunny, blue sky day and he was just pointing it out.  So observant!