Monday, March 4, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things-- 0-6 month toys

I have been trying to write this post for six months now.  I finally had motivation to finish it when I was helping a friend with her baby registry and thinking back to all the toys I just loved when Kai was an itty bitty.  These were his favorite for first 3/4  year of his life.  Once he was mobile he much preferred toddler toys over baby toys.  Now my baby is figuring out how to use his 3+ Hot Wheels track that has taken up and entire wall of my living room (and is still growing ::glares at Mr. Destructo::.)

Anyways here are my recommended and Destructo approved toys for your baby!

Sophie the Giraffe.  Safe of bad chemical, made of renewable rubber wood, painted with food grade paints.  He liked his Sophie when he was teething.  (For more teething toys, check this  post out.)

This toy amused him well before he was able to actually play with it.  He loved when we would make the balls pop around and he could listen and watch it.

Baby Neptune toy plays music.  This is a newer version of the one we had so hopefully it is as awesome as it was.

Destructo loved balls from a very early age.  These three were a few of his very favorites (and he still plays with them daily at nearly two years old!)
The middle one was his very favorite.  He also had one without the rattles in it, but didn't like that as much.
Playing with my favorite red ball

This inchworm squeaks, crinkles, and is full of different textures.  I used to play peek a boo with Destructo with this toy.

Every baby needs a Fisher Price sea horse.  It plays classical music and lights up.  Destructo still likes this at nearly two.  They even have a pink one for girls!
Five days old and already loving the seahorse

Stacking cups.  Again a toy he still plays with now.   He wasn't able to stack them as a baby, but he liked pushing them around and chewing on them.

Play mat.  This wasn't the one Kai had.  I bought a cheapie one from Walmart or Target.  This was just the one I wanted horribly badly.  It had owls all over it.  I still kind of want it for my phantom child. This was also something else Kai could play in for hours.  He had a different older model, but it was the same thing just a different design that matched his nursery.  The animal in the middle plays music when they pull it.  I heard that song so many times.

This exersaucer is very similar to the one Kai had.  He loved all the toys on it and was able to sit in it from about three months on with blankets wedged around him.  As he got bigger, he would jump like crazy in it.  We also had a jumperoo that he liked as he got bigger and more mobile.

Rainmaker tube.  Not sure if Kai liked it as much as I did, but either way.  There was some amusement going on in the Destructo household with this toy.  It was a challenge to get all the beads in one end of the tube.
Battat blocks.  They are pthalate free plasticy/rubbery blocks made from recycled materials.  They squeak and are super squishy for teething babies.

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