Friday, April 12, 2013

Destructo Self Destructed

Sorry I have kind of fallen off the face of the planet the last few days.  Destructo had his first big mishap.  He seemed to think he could overcome gravity.  He can't just for the record.  This experiment resulted in this scene.
Showing of his lellow cass and his treat  red suck 
He was swinging on the big kid swings and just let go.  He fell and in theory shouldn't have broken his wrist since it was on very thick mulch and he has had worse falls when he launches himself off the couch or runs down his slide in the backyard.  But he sadly landed right on his left wrist with it outstretched.  He got two buckles fractures on both sides of his wrist.  

He got a hard cast and after the ortho guy watched him for a few minutes he decided that he needed a full arm cast even though the fracture itself is very minor.  Good call doc dude, good call.  Sure enough before we even made it home, Destructo decided to take off his cast and was wiggling his arm and pulling as hard as he could.  I decided that it was the best choice to put it above the elbow.  haha

All day today he told everyone he wanted a tiger striped cast.  We get there and I tell the doctor that and he looks all frowny at me and say NO Daniel.  Lellow.  So yellow he got.  And he thinks it is great.  I am just thankful that it is finally casted because the last two days have been horrible.  We didn't think it was broken at first since he could completely use it and wasn't in that much pain unless he used his wrist to get up or something else that was putting his full weight on it.  The pedi said to bring him in today if it wasn't immensely better.  Well it wasn't and we did but yesterday was horrible since he fell a few times or just forgot and would use it and scream and cry.  I hated it.  

Four weeks and the cast gets taken off.  Thanks goodness it will literally be the day before his birthday party.  So yay for pictures without a cast.  Although he does look awful cute if I do say so myself!

Let me just say that you should always trust your mommy intuition.  I was very nervous about him swinging on the big boys swings even though he has done it before that night.  I should have listened and taken him off the swing.  Then as soon as he fell, I knew without a doubt it was broken just from his cry which was different than normal and the weird way he was initially holding it.  I wish I had taken him in that next morning so he would have had a cast yesterday instead of tonight.  But he was able to use it so well that we really thought it was just bruised or sprained.  He is a tough little guy for sure.  

Motherhood is a scary business.  I will never forget his cry when he fell.  Seeing him so scared was awful.  Even today I hated seeing him scared and unsure of what was happening.  I mean I told him ahead of time every single thing that was going to happen, but he is not quite two.  It is hard to explain what a cast is and the fact that it won't come off for four weeks.  Oh and yes I shed tears before he got casted today (when he couldn't see me of course.)  I won't get to see my sweet baby's arm or most of his hand for a month.  Sob.  But it is still worth it.  Every day.

The frog's belly lights up.  It is super cool.
Oh and a funny convo that we had today:
Me:  Kai in a little bit we have to go to the doctor.  She is going to look at your arm and probably put a heavy bandaid on it to make it get better.
Kai:  No doc-er.  No doc-er.
Bye bye doc.  Bye bye doc.
Baby run away.  NOOOOO doc-er.  Baby run away doc-er.  

I died laughing.