Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Source: Kelly's Closet

It is Earth Day!  So my question for my awesome readers are what do you do in your household to reduce, reuse, save the planet, and in other words be awesome!  

We chose to cloth diaper and have since Destructo was nine days old.  When I do use disposables because Kai is quite prone to yeast rashes, we use the bleach free kind.  

I make my own laundry soap and while I have read that the ingredients aren't the most eco friendly, it still cuts down on waste in the landfills from all the soap bottles.

I try to recycle, but the recycling place isn't very close to us so I mostly just recycle aluminum cans since our church takes them and plastic since I can drop those off at work.

I use mainly all reusable cleaning rags, towels, etc.  

I would say I use half ecofriendly cleaning products.  I have quite a stock pile from my coupon queen days of not so eco friendly ones and as I use those up, I replace them with home made and eco friendly cleaners.

breastfed Kai and did baby lead weaning therefore reducing waste from formula jars and baby food jars.  I also recently have started switching to reusable pouches to further reduce our footprint.

Ways I would like to improve before next year's Earth day

Continue phasing out un ecofriendly cleaners.

Switch over to all/most ecofriendly, natural toiletries

Possibly start using either mama cloth or a Diva cup not sure which.  This is the one I am not sure about.

Get my hubby to build me a rain barrel.

So what do you guys do that is ecofriendly?