Monday, April 29, 2013

Oh Destructo you are Funny

Some more funny Destructoisms to brighten your day!

He chased his auntie Kara around saying sinnkyy feee trying to put them on her.

He barged by someone in the grocery store so close he actually brushed them.  He looked at him and said "Beep, beep out da way!"  I yelled at him and said "we say excuse me.  You are being very rude."  He replied to the guy, "That funneee?  Baby funny?"  The guy cracked up and told him that yes he was very funny.  Thanks for the pack up on my parenting random guy at Aldi's.

He was banging his cast on the table at Cracker Barrel and the more I told him to stop the more he laughed and did it.  It was so loud the entire restaurant kept looking at us.  They were all laughing and some random guy actually came up to him and said "That is quite the noise you are making.  Do it again."  Again way to go stranger dude for encouraging my heathen child in his heathen ways.

Speaking of Cracker Barrel, Destructo calls it Crack Babeee.  I might laugh every time at this.

He knows where the Sonic on our exit is even without seeing it.  He can actually direct me there.  I might like cherry coke too much.

I said Oh crap in front of him the other day when we almost crashed while bike riding.  He repeated it over and over and over.  Whoops.

I walked in his play room at my parents house to see him with the baby doll in his arms rocking it.  I asked him if it was Baby Liam (my pregnant sisters baby.)  He said la (yeah.)  Then he laughed devilishly and threw it in the floor and said Leelee in wah wah.  I think he won't be holding baby Liam any time soon.

He laid in bed with me and Mr. Destructo the other morning.  He said punch, kick dada and did just that while laughing.  Then he asked "That Funny?"

His playroom was destroyed at my parents house and I asked him who made this big mess.  Without skipping a beat, he replied "Monk."