Monday, April 15, 2013

That's Funny (More Destructoisms)

I hear the expression that's funny or Baby is funny a million times a day.  Destructo has replaced why and treat with that's funny.  Today he was doing something he knows he isn't supposed to do and when I told him he needed to stop he laughed and said "Baby's funny."  No Baby you aren't funny.  Except of course it is.

Some other funny Destructoisms here recently:
No pants, no pants, no pants.  He is against wearing clothes but pants in particular.  We compromise by letting him wear baby legs when he is at home.  Or just a diaper if it is warm enough.

No dinner, no dinner, no dinner.  No way.  He doesn't really care to eat.  At all.  Especially dinner.  Or sometimes if he doesn't feel like chanting, he will just look at me when I tell him it is time to eat and say nope and walk away.  Whatever kid.  Don't eat as long as you let me  eat in peace.  No meat no meat no meat is also uttered pretty regularly.

Yogurt is laylay.  I love how he mispronounces that one.

He loves streaking.  He will run around the house screaming Baby Nakeyyyyyy and be quite evasive in my efforts to clothe him.

He can count to ten.  He won't count to ten.  I only know he can do it based on the fact that if I say one, he follows with two, and so on to ten.

His auntie Dayna is having either a robot, truck, treat, or gorilla.  It changes depending on the day.

He asked me why 22 times in a row the other day.  Even though I wasn't answering him anymore.  22 times.

He likes to cheer me on as I jog.  Go momma go.  It is nice to have my own personal cheerleader.

He likes to tell us he isn't going places.  The other day he told me "I stay Baby's house.  No go."  I love that my not quite two year old seems to think he is the boss.

He caught his first fish the other day.  He has since told me that he let the fish go "Bye bye fish" every single day since then.

We took him for frozen yogurt the other night.  He says Sweet Cece's like Sweeee Sheshe's.  I love it.

He is awfully proud of his lellow cass.  I am not sure breaking your arm before you are even two is a proud moment, but he loves his cast so ehh.

He threatened to run away 500 times in the last few days.  Anytime he doesn't want to do something you ask him to, he replies "Baby run away."  The other night he took it a step further and told me "Baby run away.  Baby run away to monk's house."   Fine son, let me open the door for you.

He can say the strangest things perfectly clearly like cinnamon break, pirate ship, or McDonald's (ducks head in shame.)  But simple words, he butchers.
Finally,  he spontaneously said I luv you momma the other day.  I almost cried.  It was too sweet.

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