Sunday, April 21, 2013

Yummi Pouch review

I recently received a six pack of the Yummi Pouch for review and have to say I really like them!  You can check them out here for more info about them.
They come in pack of six for 14.99.  They are BPA, phthalate, PVC free so none of the bad things in them.  They are super easy to fill.  The top is a zipper top and they are very hard to get open which I consider a great thing.  Even I struggle to open them and had to keep making Mr. Destructo open them which is great because I would hate for Destructo to be able to open them and make a huge mess.  He even stepped on one that he dropped and while the applesauce squirted everywhere from the spout, it didn't unzip.  

 They have a stand up bottom which makes for easy filling and can hold up to six ounces.  They work just like store bought pouches, but have the added bonus of being reusable and therefore are much more ecofriendly.  There are also some neat spoon attachments I would like to try out for them.  I will update this if I order some in the future.  They are also freezer and dishwasher safe.

They were also super easy to fill.  You can buy a funnel/measuring cup which would make it even easier.  But I had no problem just spooning the applesauce into the pouch.  It's opening is very wide.

I look forward to getting creative and making smoothies and different puree concoctions for Destructo and using these.  I haven't had much of a chance to since life has been a bit crazy since he broke his arm a week and a half ago.  We have mostly just been using applesauce in them haha.  Oh and pretend you see a picture of Kai eating from this pouch below this.  I meant to take one this afternoon and he had finished his pouch before I could.  I will get another one tomorrow.

Check out Yummi Pouches facebook page for recipes and tips for using these!  

Disclosure:  I was given a pair of the Yummi Pouch reusable pouches for free to review and keep.  I was not paid to review them and all opinions are honest and my own.    See my full disclosure policy tab for more information.